What lurks below..

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Chapter 2

"Ugh..this is so boring! Lets play something kai!" Dakota said looking out the small windows of the submarine.
"Dakota, not now. This is to important to mess up," He said driving ahead "see anything Troy?"
Troy shook his head as he continued to keep tabs on all windows.
"But kaaaaiiiiii-"
"No. Be quiet Dakota."
"Your no fun!" She pouted as she looked at him, he didnt seem to care how she felt, he just wanted this gold. An awkward silence was casted upon them..
"Uh....troy..? Kai? Do you smell that?" Dakota sniffed the air while slowly looking up.
"I dont. What do you smell?" Asked kai.
"Blood..and fish-"
"I SEE SOMETHING! WEPONS AT THE GO!" Troy shot up. Crank!! The fish was trying to bite into the ship.

Its long redish teeth left marks, as it continued to bite. Pure black eyes and sharp pointy spikes all around it just like a hedgehog.

Dakota put the boat on halt and mashed the 'open door' button untill it did. They climbed out into the first glass tank, the fish was able to get a good look at it prey, then ramming its head into the glass to break it. Thankfully, it only cracked.
"Troy, get to the front and drive around it, make sure to use the few cannons we have while i distract it!" Dakota yelled as she started to climb out of the glass tank and into the ocean, the water pouring in behind her. Troy dashed to the front in a rush and began to drive the ship, he spammed the 'cannons' button untill it was empty. Several of them hit; the fish turned its attention to the ship, screaching in pain as it bit the side of it. Dakota was alert, constantly pointing her wepon at it, she swam underneath and shot it several times in the stomach. It screached again, this time..much louder. Full speed at Dakota, they made eye contact, she saw the black soul of the fish as she shot it directly in its eye. Killing it for good. Blood was everywhere as Dakota quickly gathered as much remains into the submarine, Troy helping.
"Was kai with you? I saw him no where then.." dakota asked as she carried the head in.
"Nope." He answered holding up half the body and waiting for Dakota to come help him.
"Nuagh...we'll have to find it before we do anything with this fish.." she lifted the other half up and together they shoved it in the submarine. Then quickly getting in and shutting it so no more water would get in.
"Go empty out the water and set up the examination while i look for kai." Dakota left troy to do the job alone.
He began to clean, looking at the crack above.
"This is what im dealing with now. I miss home..." He thought.
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