What lurks below..

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Chapter 3

Kai was sitting at the front of the ship, looking into the void ahead.
"KAI! The hell?! Where were you, we nearly died back there!" Dakota asked, almost stressed out.
"Yea?" His voice sounded..older.
"Whats up? Did that fish freak you out or something?"
"No..im good..just need some alone time right now...sorry for leaving you guys."
"But kai, your the captain! You cant just skip the examination!"
"Well i can and i will. Weather you like it or not."
"Well fine then! Moody pants!" She stomped off and went to troy who had now just gotten everything ready.
"I found kai...but he said he wasnt in the 'mood' for the examination."
"Isnt he the captain?" He looked at her confused.
"Yup..but..he dosent care so...just us...make sure to put it in the log book." They began to examine, hours of work.. while kai sat at the front endlessly looking into the void.

The Death oil spread around the ocean like wildfire; killing anything that even went near it. "Ari...stop..we are killing so many things! They arent even attacking us!" Jasmine said as she felt sorry for the animals.
"Theres nothing i can do."
"Nothing....NOTHING?! Stop releasing the tanks! Mabye THEN i'll be happy.."
"If we tone down on the tanks we die. Get over yourself Jasmine."
"I cant believe im stuck with such a heartless bastard.." She left ari alone and went to the small room where the three of them slept. "I hate ari." Jasmine said to herself. "I hate her...and i'll hate her forever...." Before she knew, she had drifted off to sleep...

Clash, clash, clash! Bang, bang, bang! Jasmine rubbed her eyes and went to check out the noise. There were several mermaids banging on the ship; who knew those things were real!
Ari came over, those mermaids were making direct eye contact.
"What are you waiting for? Just kill them so we can get moving."
"Are you insane?! We must find out what they want!"
The mermaids seemed to be getting more and more angry with the two, banging harder.
"Fine then. But the moment those things turn on us, we kill them." She said as she left Jasmine with them.
"So crewl..." Jasmine thought as she got herself ready to go out into the ocean.
She gave them a warm smile under her mask as she got out but immediately regretted it. They latched onto her like leaches and began to put some sort of venom into her blood, her face turing a blue colour as she screamed in pain. Such loud noise made the mermaids cover their ears, giving Jasmine a chance to get to safety. She dashed to the front of the submarine, screaming.
Ari flinched from the sudden noise but pressed full speed. The constantly spinning pannels that drove the ship forward grew faster, causing one of the mermaids to get sucked up into it.
The poor thing was grinded up like a smoothie. Nothing left besides its blood flowing through the ocean. Traumatized, the other mermaids swam off, they wanted vengeance for what had just happened but they realized how weak they were against the Sanlose's.
"Jasmine, what happened? What bit you?" Ari asked, she kept her calm and took her to the healing room, but yet, she had already passed out.
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