What lurks below..

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Chapter 4

"Kai. We have come up with a name for the fish and put it back together." Dakota held the paper in her hands as she walked up to kai.
"alright." He said so bluntly.
"We've called it the kodia fish. Do you approve of the name?" She showed him the log book he gave an annoyed sigh.
"YES. now, go away." He said snatching the book from her hands and almost breaking it; stomping off somewhere else while Troy and Dakota gave him an odd look.
"Do you know whats up with him?" She asked.
Troy shook his head and sat in the front seat, turing the submarine on and driving off.

"Jasmine....Jasmine...stay with me now."
"Nuagh....Ari..? What happend?" She sat up and looked around, squinting her eyes "i see three of you..."
"Your extremely stupid. Look at yourself."
Jasmine saw her eyes now green and empty, just like the mermaids. "Whats happend to me?!" She screached.
"Karma. Thats what happened. Have you learnt your lesson?" Ari got up and gave her a disappointed glare.
"Right. Now, we are nearly at the bottom so grab the flash lights."
"alright.." Jasmine got up and looked at herself in the mirror.

Tap, tap, tap.
"Do you here that?"
Troy shook his head.
Dakota looked out the window, her ear pressed against it. "Woooooaaaah! Troy, its a swarm of fish! They look so beautiful together!"
They swam faster, millions of them at once.
"They're a threat. Lets move it..." Troy calmly said while speeding deeper into the water, the swarm followed them.
"Uhh...troy...move faster...!"
"Thats as fast as it can go."
"They're going to attack us!"
Tap, tap.
"Use any wepons we have-"
Crash! The glass tank that needed to do all their examinations had broken from all the tapping, water filling their boat as they began to sink.
"thats not so bad..we are trying to get to the bottom anyway!"
"WE NEED TO GET BACK HOME." Troy said in an panicked tone, for once he was scared.
"Well we can-"
The submarine shook as it touched the bottom.
"Were here!" She said with glee.
"In the worst way!" Troy yelled.
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