What lurks below..

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Chapter 5

The Sanlose's reached the bottom, the gold making the ground glow and shine. They pointed their flashlights in every possible direction and saw the coast was clear.
"All this...just for the royals?" Jasmine said as she planted the Sanlose flag in the sand.
"I know..so so greedy-"
Ari was dragged down into the gold, almost like a horror movie, she didnt even get a chance to scream.
"ARI?! ARI?!"
Jasmine got on her knees and began to claw through the sand, but within seconds, she was dragged down also.

"Jasmine?! Ari?! Anyone?! Can you hear me! The downlores have reached the bottom! Hello?!" 'Kai' yelled into the communication device.
"Kai, i know your moody but-....thats..not kai...who are you?! What are you?! Wheres kai?!" Dakota pointed her wepon at him as he rasied his hands to show that he had surrendered.
"Gavin. Member of Sanlose.." he hung his head in shame.
Troy came over, flashlight in hand, "hm?"
"How did you even get here?!"
"My captain, Ari, she told me to break in. Thats what i did."
"But how?! We were so secure!"
"Broke through the exit door and drowned kai. Hes dead."
Dakota and Troy listen in shock.
"Look...i've lost all contact with my team..what if we share this gold equally? Please, spare my life.."
"Like hell we will. We'll do what you did to kai. Give us your mask."
Gavin didnt even look back. Just grabbed the mask and gave it to them, his hands shaking.

The three of them got out the ship, gavin struggling for air. They watched, almost smiling at the satisfaction but then he was dragged down into the sand. So was Troy, then Dakota.

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