What lurks below..

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Chapter 6

"We've captured five sir. They seem to be human."
"Five, alright, we'll need to test for their blood and see what works with what."
"Yes sir."

"Mmm...what-...where-..." Gavin rubbed his eyes, he saw kai towering over him.
"YOU. Im glad to see you here, all weak and helpless." Kai said with a smile.
"I didnt want to do what i did. I was forced to." Gavin stood up, holding onto the wall for gravity.
"Oh by who then? By who?"
"I..my captain..look, i dont know what your going to do but we need to find a way home. All of us.."
"Trying to make friends? Yea right. Downlore and Sanlose shall never be friends. NEVER."
Troy woke up and looked at the two, then started to pull on the metal bars that kept them locked in, it suddenly tazed him, he reeked in pain and let go.

These supposed people walked in, white hazmat suits on them and their face covered up. They had some tubes and a knife, and grabbed troy.
"LET ME GO!" Troy didnt like to be touched, he struggled and squirmed.
"Get off him!" Kai tried to punched them but they slapped him, hard. His face stung as he fell backwards.

As Troy struggled, they cut open his arm just a little bit and squeezed the blood out into a tube. Then pushed him to the ground and did the same to Gavin.
"STOP! GET OFF ME!" It was like he was throwing a temper tantrum, kicking and yelling.
They left in a rush, locking the doors and putting the metal bars on electrocution.

"You think that was bad? Thats just the bear minimum of what they do." Kai said chuckling.
"....what have they done to you..? And what are they going to do to us?" Gavin asked.
"They've put several chemicals in me..its seems we are not the only ones here, at dinner time, we are taken to this huge hall to eat. If we dare try to do anything....we get shot..."
"Mabye at dinner we can find the girls. The only way we get out is if we work together." Troy said as he tried to cover the cut.
"Well..we'll need a plan. What will it be?"
"If we get our hands on those chemicals, we could use it against them. We need to train hard though, they are extremely strong."
"Well lets start now."
The three boys began to train each other, teaching each other new skills and new defense techniques.

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