What lurks below..

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Chapter 7

Dinner came and a bell rang, it startled the three and the same guys in hazmat suits unlocked the door. The three were chained together, the guys behind them. They were led to a masive hall. hundreds of creatures and deformed humans all gathered up.
"Woah...you werent kidding.." Gavin said as he looked at the creatures.
The guys in the hazmat suits left to gather more creatures, the three began to search for the girls.

"Jasmine?! Ari?!"
"Kai..?! Troy?! Its me! Dakota!"
They yelled back and forth for a bit and eventually found each other. They sat in the middle, far away from the guys in the suits.

"So..we've got a plan to get out..basically, we train till we are stronger than these guys. Then get our hands on whatever chemicals we can and use it against them." Kai said as he pushed his food around his plate.
"This stuff is nasty..." Dakota spat her food on the ground, "but yea. That sounds good."
"The food has chemicals in it also, just throw it in the bin when we return our plates." Kai said.
"And while you fight them off, we can find a way out and break out for good." Ari suggested as she pushed the plate away.
"Its best you spend a few nights training as well. They are quite powerful." Gavin also pushed his plate away.
"Kai, how long does dinner last?"
"I think an hour..."
"Perfect, gives us enough time to talk about our progress."
"Jasmine, your pretty small, mabye if you could find a way to get a map of this place."
"I'll come with."
For the next hour, the six spent their time talking about their plan and how they were going to execute it.
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