What lurks below..

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Chapter 8

Eventually, dinner came to an end. The six threw their food away. Kai and Dakota stayed behind while the other four followed the guards.
"Sir...we need to use the bathroom...may you please take us?" Dakota asked, while pretending to look desperate.
"Ugh..something in that meal made me sick..i wanna throw up.." Kai held his stomach and pretended to be in pain. The guy looked around then nodded. He stupidly took them. They spent a few seconds in the bathroom, composing and getting themselves ready. Kai began to fake vomit while Dakota came out to the guy.
"Hes sick, we need your help..can you get him some medicine or anything?!"
He piqued over Dakota's sholder and saw kai 'being sick', he then rushed himself away to get help.
Kai and Dakota carefully snuck around the tables of the dinner hall and found themselves in a hallway, full of different types of fish, like and aquarium. There was the kodia fish, alot of them, it was like they were breeding these fish and letting them into the water.

A siren played.

"#1368 and #8410 have escaped and are on the loose. Capture them immediately."

They were #8410 and #1368.

They sprinted for their lives, running down the hallway and breaking the glass tanks that held the fish.

"Hallway BA3 has been broken. All numbers on the loose to find them."

"Are they stupid?! This gives everyone a chance to run free!" Dakota said as she turned the corner.
"Good for us, bad for them, we need to find the others.." Kai turned the corner with her.

Havoc began to set place. The masive creatures they had kept had gotten free and were attacking any person they saw in white. It was complete chaos. With so many of them loose, they were able to come together and break the wall down. A wave of water rushed through the building, breaking and taking anything in its path. There wasnt even a chance for a reaction..just gone in the wave.

Everything had happened so quickly, they found themselves floating around..

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