What lurks below..

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Chapter 9

Its been months since the Downlores left. The king had slowly began to realize that the three had died. Mabye they drowned? Mabye they were eaten? Mabye they never found their way home? Mabye the Sanlose's had killed them? What urked the king most is that the kingdom was still under the impression that they were traveling and that the kingdom would be rich. He didnt know what to tell his people..how would they react?
Mabye the pope would help...he always gave advice afterall...
When the king went to the church, he went alone, none of his knights or guards, he wanted no one to know.

"My lord, what brings you here today?" The pope asked as he bowed before the king.
"Something is troubling me. I need your advice, i need the gods advice.."
"Please, tell me my lord."
"Those worriors..Kai, Dakota and Troy.."
"Yes, they are bringing us the gold, right?"
"They're dead. How do i tell the people whats happened? How do i tell my kingdom we will be poor forever.."
"My lord, how do you know that they have died? I mean that question with no disrespect but...they still could be coming back. The ocean is a huge place."
"Nine months... a child could have been made in that time. I need a sign from the gods to show theres still hope..."
"We shall pray then. I shall inform you of anything by the end of the week my lord."
"Thank you."
They prayed. He hoped the gods would show him a sign..but there was no sign. They truly had died.
The king felt his throat dry up and he held back tears as he told the kingdom the news. He felt as if he had failed his kingdom. Shame was brought upon Downlore once again.

As for the Sanlose's...the royals didnt even notice them never coming back. Their greed and other family fued got in the way and Jasmine, Ari and Gavin died for nothing.

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