Alex: the softie to the baddie

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Hi I'm Alex I was bullied for being a softie and i didn't know how to fight so i changed myself.....

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1 : My first day of school

One day I woke up and I opened my eyes and I was frightened by what I saw.I saw a watch on my hand and the watch came up with a screen in-front of my eyes that asked if I wanted to be a softie or a bad girl or as some people call it 'baddie',When I saw that in front of my eyes I of course picked softie.When I touched softie on the screen it took me off my comfy bed onto the floor and changed me into all pastel pink,purple and white oversized hoodie with striped pastel socks and full white shoes.After it changed me I said 'I look so pretty'.

After that I went to school as I stepped in the school hall everyone was laughing at me because of my looks.Because of that I ran to the bathroom and started to cry.Then I heard a voice that said Don't give up'.When I heard that I stopped crying and I went to class.When I was at class I got a pop quiz on questions that my teacher didn't even teach. When I finished the paper and got my results I was so happy. When I got home my mom was already making dinner.

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