Venus Rises

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This is part of a 2 book series both base on a possible but unlikely events of today might be somewhat possible in the future like space travel or lasers. The first book deals with discoveries and life changing events on Mars this one with Venus and Mars not Earth so much. This story is more about a new ship design and a new engine.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Venus is slowly growing

The planet is being searched to see if there are any signs of intelligent life in the planets' ancient past. The acidic And heat conditions on Venus may of destroyed anything that could have given us a record of the past of this planet. Venus was suspected as having greenhouse gases causing the temperature to reach a tipping point where recovery was impossible heating up the temperature till everything burned and acid was created. This caused a planet wide acid rain and the temperature rising higher and higher. The temperatures ranging from 800 to 1200°F.

Ounce Venus received outside help and slot of it, things started to change but this planet named after the Greek Goddess of beauty and fertility, although this planets surface was so far in the other direction of that closer to Hades domain of hell. Venus before it was cooled nobody knew what metals, minerals, if there was any water.

The scientists from Mars and native Mars were in the process of developing an new engine that a ship would have three engines the middle engine would engage at 1/2 speed or above, however 3/4 speed or above is recommended. The middle engine can be engaged boosting the speed to 1/2 light speed. This engine uses antimatter and matter a the control system is majestic shield on the antimatter side. This has never been tested and Mars people on Venus has built a ship of a new ship design that is built in layers to help absorb vibrations and very sudden and rapid acceleration. The also had to develope a new shielding that uses 4 overlapping magnetic fields in front of the ship to help deflect or cushion impact of debris in the path of the ship. It's he ship is named Mercury Class "Shooting Star". They also developed the new engine and will be the first to try this new ship on a test run to Mars and back.

The test will be be preformed with the Mars scientist and engineers station on Venus. The test start will start 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Go, Go, Go. The ships acceleration is so fast all people not harnessed into a chair securely were given a rough ride. All stop was called antimatter drive disengaged, and the other 2 engines were in full reverse. Location was called Kuiper Belt ahead Captain. Please confirm location and speed please reconfirm. Captain 50,000 miles from Kuiper Belt speed 88.4% of light speed acceleration was 375% above of projected.

We preformed the process only trying for 3/4ths of original first test and we stopped short of Mars. The lead scientist said we will need 2 to 3 more tests to be able to program the computer correctly. The ship called Mars space command saying we need all senior scientist to meet here on the " Shooting Star" it is very important. The people request showed up and gathered in the cargo hold. People what we are going to tell you is not to be shared with anyone unless these individuals approve your clearance. The president of Mars, President of Venus, Leaders of Mars or Venus science devisions, or the Native Mars Leader.

Today we tested a new engine and ship design and both of them have preformed 375% of what we were trying to achieve. We achieved 88.4% of the speed of light. This is 90% of our new estimated top speed and acceleration which is around 98% the speed of light. We do know if we try to go faster the ship and engine will break apart. We also need faster, longer distance detection and more accurate sensors to prevent hitting a asteroid larger than a 2 feet diameter. If we hit anything larger the ship and crew will perish. Each ship equipped with this new engine will need new testing if the size or weight of the ship is different.

We need all to leave the room unless mentioned as able to give clearance for this knowledge and or approved latter you will be brought up to date on this project. No leave if you are not on this list. We wait then ounce the room is cleared and sealed the details of this project in full are handed out to the approved people. People we need you to read this information and assemble a team that is #1 very trust worthy #2 have the knowledge to help with the project #3 are creative and can think outside the box if needed. Now security is a must because if the wrong people get this information and create a weapon.

Venus has been building 4 different size ships counting this one. Venus is also building 4 different size mid engine for those ships. We will build 4 ships of each size and weight to collect data and compare it to see if there are factors that might be have missed otherwise.

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