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Magic. It is said to be nothing but myth and legend. That is, until, a tear appeared across the night sky flooding the world with mana. My name is Tristian Carter, and I traveled to NYC on the eve of the new year when it happened. Mana flooded the Earth and caused drastic changes across the globe. This is a story about how I do my best to make my way home. Nothing and no one will stop me from getting to my family!

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Beginning of the New Age

Magic. Just about everyone on planet Earth knew what it was. Magic has been a legend, a myth, for thousands of years. Magic is said to have still existed on Earth but the governments around the world did whatever they could to hide the truth. But those were all chalked up to be conspiracy theories since there was no proof behind their claims.

Nowadays people only read about magic in books, manga, or watched it in anime or some big time Hollywood show. That included me. My name is Liath and I have been obsessed with magic since I was a little child. I wasn't obsessed to the point of shirking my life duties such as work, exercise, and shopping. I did my best to talk with my coworkers and friends, but living as an adult made it difficult to actually do anything with anyone.

My name is Tristian Carter and I just recently turned twenty years of age and I work for a PC building store in Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoy my work since I get to sit around and build PCs all day and listen to music, or watch anime. It was a good paying job and solid work. And since I had been working here since I was seventeen, and it was getting close to the new year of 2022, I decided to take my vacation days I had been saving up and go see the ball drop in New York.

This has been something I had wished to do for many years, so nothing was going to stop me from going. Especially now that I had just purchased a couple new books. I bought them so I could read them on the plane and in the hotel before the ball drop. They were both Light Novels whose main character was quite capable with magic. Like I said, I'm obsessed with reading or watching anything that has to do with magic.

The day arrived and I had boarded the plane and landed in NYC without a problem. I was able to get through one of my books on the flight, and now I have the second one for when I get to the hotel. It was the 30th of December. One day and six hours until the ball drop and I was full of excitement.
I hailed down a taxi and spent the next couple hours in traffic on my way to the hotel. When I arrived and had been given my room key, it was now time to dive into the second book I had purchased.
After reading for a couple hours, I closed my book. It was getting close to eleven at night and I needed to get some sleep. I wanted to make sure that I was able to see the city and make sure I get a good spot for the ball drop. And with that thought on my excited mind, I laid down and fell asleep for the night.

The next day came early for me. Due to being a little too excited, I had only slept a few hours. The first step on my day's journey was to grab some breakfast. I grabbed something light and went about my day exploring New York City.
Honestly it is a beautiful city. The buildings were quite large and I was even able to make it to the top floor of one of the largest buildings. I was enjoying myself, and the time for the ball drop was almost upon us. And this is where my life truly started.

I was making my way through a large crowd. People were excited, talking with each other and drinking. I had a drink in my hand as well, even though I'm not 21 years of age. The police obviously didn't care, since even some of them had drinks. They shouldn't have had any, but you know, new year and all that.
It was finally time!
The crowd exploded in cheers. I did too, and some random woman planted a kiss on me. Tonight had been incredible. Probably the best night I had experienced in a long time. I didn't want it to end.
Then it happened. A massive tear appeared across the night sky. In the middle of celebrating, I noticed it and became quiet. Shortly after I had fallen silent, everyone else did as well. Everyone in the square was staring up at the sky.
The tear didn't just stop above New York City, it continued beyond and seemed to not stop. I felt a cold chill run down my spine, and I must not have been the only one. The crowd around me started to panic the moment one person screamed. Then everyone started running in all directions.
I was in the middle of the crowd and I was being shoved left and right. Panicking is by far the worst thing people could do in this sort of event, but I couldn't blame them. I was panicking as well, but I was more afraid of being trampled to death by the people around me. So I did what any rational person who doesn't want to die does, and I went with the crowd.
The crowd moved along in a rough kind of way. It was painful being knocked around left and right. I somehow made it into an alleyway, away from the crazed mob. I leaned against a dumpster and sighed deeply. I could feel the bruises and welts on my body.
"I need to get back to the hotel," I said to no one in particular. People were still running around everywhere so I decided to stay there for a bit.
I looked up at the sky and saw the tear again. I felt like I could see something coming out of it, but I couldn't be too sure. It wasn't like some UFO, or being, it just looked like mist was coming out of it. Mist of varying colors. It was mesmerizing in a way, and reminded me of a book I had read.
The book in question was written by a German author after the second world war. It was about magic, and the use of magic in the second world war. Of course it was fiction, but it was still interesting to me. The author wrote about how magic could be seen by certain people and it is said to be quite colorful. It also stated that different types of magic had their own colors. Red for fire, blue for water, and so on and so forth.
The author said that the commanding officers, and Hitler himself, used a dark kind of magic. A type of magic that commanded the dead, governed over the minds of those that were broken like the soldiers that were forced to ingest meth and the like, and a few other forms of dark magic.
Just looking up at the sky brought those memories back to me. The book in question is in my apartment and definitely on my to read list when I get back home. But what I needed first was to make sure I could get home in the first place. I mean, there is a massive tear in the sky above me and I'm sure all flights will be canceled because of it.
I took in a deep breath and readied myself. I took off running. People were running back and forth around me, and some were even breaking into stores. People are quite unruly and many would do just about anything on impulse.
I ignored them and continued to run. I moved in and out of crowds quickly and used the parkour training I received when I was bored and paid for classes. I was able to maneuver around quickly and made it to my hotel in one piece.
There was no one at the reception desk, but that was to be expected with the craze going on. I made it to the elevator and headed up to my room. I just wanted to get to bed and see how the world is tomorrow.
I successfully made it to my room and immediately flopped onto my bed and fell asleep.
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