The Alpha Couple

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About an hour into the party alpha Damian walked up to me and asked if I was ready. “Ready for what,” I asked confused. “To greet the pack and introduce the white alpha, ” Damian stated mater-of-factly. I paled and felt like I was going to get sick. “Umm, well I umm, do I have to?” I whined, very unalpha like. Dawn walked up during my whining and said, “Dear an alpha doesn't whine. She keeps her head high, never shows indecision and demands respect.”

“I just don't like to be in the spotlight and have everyone looking and judging me.” I quietly replied. “Well dear. I think we are way past that. You have been chosen to be the white alpha and that entails very public appearances and speeches,” Dawn went on. Sighing I replied, “Your right. I knew I would alpha one day, not THE alpha but I’m ready, I suppose.”

You will do great Tash.

Thanks, Cinn. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

You will be a great alpha. Quit worrying.

Thanks guys. Here I go.

I plastered on a smile and followed Damian and Dawn up to the front of the crowd to the back porch. “Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a good time tonight,” Damian addressed his pack. A few yes, and of course was heard before Damien continued. “As you all know we have some guests with us this evening from The Black Hills Pack. Please everyone gather round to greet our special guest.” Damian bellowed with pride. I walked to stand beside him and Dawn, who reached over and grabbed my hand and gave me a quick smile. As I got the attention of the whole pack the fab sixteen went on high alert and made a circle around us giving me more comfort and support.

“Hello everyone.′ I started, raising my left hand to wave. An elder pack member gasped and bowed her head while praying to the moon goddess, “Thank you, goddess for bringing the white wolf back.” Everyone turned to her then back to me. I stood tall and raised my voice.

“As I was saying. I’m Tasha Youngblood, daughter of the moon goddess and apparently also the white alpha.” A buzz of excitement ran through the air as everyone fell to their knees and bowed their heads. “Please everyone may stand. I am happy to meet all of you and I will do my best to lead all of us and make the werewolf world united as it once was and should have always been.”

Cheers erupted and the applause was deafing. I started to walk away when the most exotic scent wafted towards me, rain and freshly cut grass. I whipped my head around and saw a gorgeous, sandy brown-haired god walking into the yard. I froze and then bolted to the woods shifting before any of the guards could reach me.



Alpha, where are you? Please answer us. I heard Travis pleading through our mind link.

I’m fine. I’m just a few yards in the woods.

Why did you run away, Alpha? -Scott

Did someone say something or try something? I will kill them! -Jason

No guys I’m fine. I’m just not ready to meet Aaron yet.

Aw, I see. - Scott

It’s okay I’m coming back now, I can’t avoid him forever.

I will make sure Aaron is inside so you can meet in private. -Scott

Thanks, I think it will be better to meet without an audience. i will meet you inside in a few minutes.

Sure thing Alpha. -Scott

I slowly made my way to the side of the house. The fab sixteen shadowed me giving me a few more minutes of privacy before I went inside. I took a deep breath and turned to the guys. “You can come inside but stay in the other room please. ” I told them. “Yes Alpha,” came their reply.

I walked in the front door and instantly his smell hit me. I heard laughing coming from the living room. Slowly, I headed in that direction. I was almost to the door when the room went quiet.

“Hey man. what's wrong?” I heard Scott ask. “Do you smell that?” Aaron responded. “No but I think its time for me to go back outside now,” Scott stammered out. He was backing out the door as I was going in. “Damn, Scott watch where your going!” I jokingly yelled at him as I tripped. Scott whipped around and caught me before I fell on my butt.

“Alpha, I’m so sorry. Are you hurt?” Scott was asking me, visibly looking me over for injuries. Strong arms ripped me out of Scotts hold. “MINE!” Aaron growled at Scott.

Scott raised his hands to show he was no threat but said, “you may be her mate Aaron but I am one of her protectors and if I have to touch her to make sure she is alright then I will.” He added with authority.

“What do you mean protector. I am her mate, I will be the one protecting her!” Aaron yelled advancing on Scott, with me still in his arms, who held his ground while the room filled up with all the other guards.

“Aaron,” I said hesitantly. Aaron locked at me and his gaze softened. “Yes, my beautiful mate?” he smiled. “I am Alpha Tasha Youngblood, the white alpha.” “What?” he replied, a shocked expression on his face.

“I understand if you reject me. This is a very unusual situation and its not your responsibility.” I quietly said as I tried to back away, my chest hurting with each movement. He tightened his hold on me. “I would never reject you, white wolf or not.” he said lovingly. “I am truly honored to be the mate of the white alpha.”

“Really?” I said with tears streaming down my cheeks. “Of course. you are the perfect mate and I will gladly rule by your side till the day I die.″ Aaron said proudly.

I told you he was a good guy-Scott

I know. i just cant believe you were right.

what you doubt me alpha-Scott

never again

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