The Alpha Couple

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“Thank you Aaron. Now you need to meet the rest of my guards. or I should say our guards. “Rest? There’s more than just Scott?” he growled. I laughed, “Fifteen more to be exact. I know, I know, I fought them at first too but apparently this is what they were born to do so I, I mean we, have to learn to accept it.”

“Fifteen males around my mate all day, everyday!” Aaron growled, pulling me closer to his side. I put my hand on his cheek and he calmed down a little. It seems if a werewolf is angry or upset all the mate of said wolf has to do is touch and talk to them and they will calm down.

you may all come in now

“Calm down, Kujo.” Scott laughed. He pulls up his shirt to show the tattoo, “we are not any threat. There is something in the tattoo that only lets us look at Tasha as our alpha and leader, nothing more. Plus, some of us have our own mates,” Scott beamed. “Is that what the tattoo means? You were chosen to be a royal guard?′”

“Yes, that’s right,” Scott answered proudly. “Then Jason as well?” Aaron asked. “Yes I am, ” Jason said as he walked into the room with the other guards. “Holy shit!,” Aaron exclaimed, “there’s a lot of you.”

“I told you. sixteen total. Two from each pack,” I told him. “Does this mean we will never be alone?” Aaron asked me. “Of course not. We can be alone when ever we want to,” I replied, giving each guard a look. “Right.”

“Alpha that’s not completely true. You need a guard with you at all times.” Bryce interjected.

“I do not need a guard with ALL the time. I can take care of myself, besides if my mate is with me, he can be my guard and protector. ” I said, looking lovingly at Aaron. “Very true,” Aaron agreed. “But- .“

“No buts. Don’t make me use the alpha command again, ” I warned. “Again? What did you order them to do?” Aaron asked laughing. “I ordered them to go mingle and have fun earlier when we were outside at the party.”

“I bet that went over well, ” aaron was still laughing. “Why is that funny?” I asked him. “Because a royal guard is always on alert and ready for battle. They dont mingle and have fun,” Aaron said, finally getting serious again.

“Well hum. Mine will. They will not waste all their time watching my every move.” I told everyone. “Goddess help us, ” Scott groaned. “Ha, ha you are all hilarious, ” I said hurt, turning to leave the room. “Aw sweetie, its ok. You know we all love you. Now lets go mingle,” Aaron said following me. With six guys in front of us and the remainder behind us Aaron and I walked outside.

As soon as my foot hit the grass, I was tackled by two overly excited females. They both started at once. “Congrats Chica, ” from Kiree. “Way to go!” from Cinn. Aaron picked me up and started to reach for the girls. Two very loud growls erupted beside us. “Stand down Travis and Bryce. They are okay.” I commanded. “Girls hurry and go to your mates.”

“Aaron, these two over zealous girls are my two best friends. Kiree and Cinn. As you can see they are mates to Travis and Bryce.”

“Sorry girls I thought you were attacking my mate,” Aaron apologized.

“It’s ok Aaron. We were just so excited when the boys mind linked us and told us you two had met,” Kiree said. “Yeah, but they wouldn’t let us inside,” Cinn pouted. “Sorry little mate. You know I love you and would do anything for you but we were following orders, ” Bryce told Cinn rubbing her arm. “It’s okay baby. We understand.” Cinn purred under Bryce’s caress.

“I think that’s our cue to go see my parents,” Aaron said while pulling me away. As we started walking around several people stopped us and seeing us holding hands, they congratulated us on being mates. By the time we made it to Aaron’s parents my cheeks were sore from smiling to much. Dawn spotted Aaron first and gave him a hug.

“Oh Aaron I’m glad you finally got home. How did your trip go? Any problems?” Dawn rambled on. “Honey there’s some one here you really need to meet.” Since Aaron was blocking her view of me, she didn’t know I was standing there. I cleared my throat and stepped from behind Aaron.

“Hello Dawn and we have already met, ” I smiled up at her. “Aaron I’m so happy for you! Damian come here.” Dawn waved her mate over. “Coming hun.” Damian said, politely excusing himself from the two males he was conversing with.

“I see you two have finally met. And I alos see by your possessive hold on Alpha Tasha’s waist you have accepted each other.” Damien smiled at his son then me. “Of course dad. I wouldn’t dream of rejecting my beautiful mate,” Aaron responded, pecking my cheek. “Hey little bro. Guess your in luck. Still want to be alpha?” Aaron leaned down and looked Logan in the eyes.

“Are you crazy. You’re the next alpha.” Logan told Aaron, “I would never be as an alpha as you or dad anyway.”

“Not anymore. I found my mate so I’m giving you my alpha title.” Aaron replied, smiling at me. How can just one look make my heart melt and other areas warm. I gasped, “I hadn’t thought of that Aaron. I can’t let you do that!” I exclaimed.

“It’s not your choice, hun. Besides I’m still an alpha, right. I get to be the mate to the most powerful alpha in over five-hundred years.” Aaron pulled me closer and nuzzled my neck.

“You both will we be great leaders. Together there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.” Damian said proudly.

“Thanks Damian and Dawn. You two have been great through all this. If you don’t mind I’m going to call my mom then go to bed. It’s been a very long day.” I told them .

“Sure dear. We will see you in the morning, ” Dawn kissed my cheek and gave me a hug. I hugged Dawn back before turning and heading towards the door. “Good night, ” Damian replied, hugging Aaron. “Tomorrow we will talk about your trip.” “Of course. Night dad, mom and Logan. See you tomorrow.” Aaron called to his family following behind me.

“You don’t have to go with me you know. I will be okay by myself,” I told Aaron, secretly hoping he wouldn’t listen and join me. “Are you kidding. I’m not passing up an opportunity to spend time alone with my mate, ” Aaron said, grabbing my hand and placing a kiss on it. “I hoped you would say that.” I smiled up at him with a grin.

“Keep doing that and we won’t make it upstairs.” Aaron joked. At least I think he was joking. I laughed and took off running. Aaron caught me before I opened the guest bedroom door. “Where are you going?” Aaron asked, grabbing my waist. “To bed, ” I said, “I wasn’t lying when I told your parents that. Well firtst I am calling my mom.”

“That’s not my room though,” Aaron informed me. " It’s the guest room kiree, cinn and I are staying in.” I said confused. Aaron growled and picked me up and carried me his room. “My mate sleeps with me.”

“Okay, all you had to do was ask,” I mumbled smiling as I sat on the bed. Aaron knelt down in front of me and apologized, “I’m sorry Tasha. I just can’t stand the thought if you sleeping anywhere but in my arms.”

“That’s sweet. I feel the same way.” I said, “but all my stuff is in the other room. Oh and my friends and family call me Tash.” Smiling Aaron replied, “Tash, I like it, ” he winked at me, “I will go get it while you call your mom,” Aaron said as he gave me a quick kiss and left. Sighing I took out my phone and dialed my parents.

“Hi mom. I’m sorry I got mad and didn’t call back sooner, ” I started as soon as she answered. “It’s ok hunny. Have you had time to process everything?” mom asked me. “Yes and I have accepted the fact that for some reason the moon goddess has chosen me to fulfill her task and I plan to do my best to not disappoint her, you or everyone else.”

“That’s great! We are so proud of you, ” dad happily replied. “Thanks dad. I guess all that extra training will definitely come in handy now,” I said. “We never doubted you Tasha,” mom proudly told me. “Oh and one more thing. I found my mate!” I screeched.

“Congrats sweetie. We knew you would some day. Who is he?” mom questioned, excitedly. About that time Aaron walked in with his arms full of my things. “I can’t believe how much stuff girls think they need, ” he mumbled as he set it on the floor in the corner. I put the phone on speaker. “Mom, dad this is Aaron my mate.”

“Hello Alpha Sherry and Simon .” Aaron said politely, full of respect. “Aaron? As in Damian and Dawns boy Aaron?” my dad questioned. “Yes sir, that's me.”

“You better take care of my daughter boy, or I will skin you alive,” my dad. threatened. “Yes sir I understand, ” Aaron replied. Looking at me with wide eyes.

“Well night. Talk you both later, love you.” I hurriedly hung up, “sorry about my dad.” Aaron sat down beside me and pulled me on his lap. “It’s okay babe. I will do the same thing to our daughters’ mate too.” Aaron said lovingly, kissing behind my ear.

"Our daughter huh. We haven’t mated yet and your already planning kids.” I joked. “I have no doubt we will have children my little vixen. Now go change so we can go to bed.” He patted my bottom and directed to the corner with my bags.

I jumped up and grabbed my pjs and ran to the bathroom. I was dressed and back in Aaron’s lap within five minutes. Yawning I laid my head on his chest. He scooped me up off the bed and pulled the covers back and gently laid me on the bed and crawled in behind me pulling my back against his chest.

“Good night Tasha. I’m so glad I found you.” Aaron said kissing my cheek. “Night Aaron. I’m glad you’re my mate.”

Alpha where are you. You aren’t in your room- Travis

It’s ok I’m staying with Aaron. You and Bryce stay with your mates

Seriously, you can’t just disappear like that, but as you wish alpha- Travis

Good night, and don’t pretend that my wish is a hardship for either of you. I know you want to sleep with your mates, just like Aaron and I do

Of course, we do. Good night Alpha-Scott

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