The Alpha Couple

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After hours of crying and hugging, my family finally let me get in my car to leave. It was packed and ready for our trip last night but my smothering family would not let me go. I will miss them of course, the pack also, but I need some time away from training and wolf business. More time for me and my two besties to act like girls and have fun for a change.

“Finally!” Cinn exclaimed and from Kiree, “At last!” “I know, I know let’s just get this party started!” I exclaimed, pumped to be on the road.

We started out on 1-90 going east to who knows where and we didn’t care. After driving half the afternoon, we stopped to eat lunch and stretch some then were on our way again. Taking turns driving let us drive all night, covering more miles. Finally making it to Chicago in the wee hours of the morning we decided to stop and do some sight seeing. We were all pumped and ready to go, after getting a hotel room since we figured we would be here a day or two, we checked in and got cleaned up.

Cinn likes museums and Kiree likes music so as usual I had to play middle man and make a compromise for them. We ended up going to one museum then to a musical that was in town. After dinner I suggested we go to an under twenty-one club that I heard about while we were wandering the streets this afternoon.

We got dressed up and hit the club but of course there was a line outside that stretched around the corner. “This must be one happening place,” Kiree glanced from the line to us, her smile widening. “Yeah, I guess it is and I don’t think we will be getting inside anytime soon. Should we try another one?” I asked, bummed we would miss this once in a lifetime chance to visit a hot club with no chaperones. “Hell no, Tash. You wanted to come here so we are are staying until we find a way in,” Cinn shouted. “Ok ok. Let’s just cross the street and get in line already,” I said continuing on.

As we were walking across the street one of the door men turned towards us with a big smile on his face and started walking our way. “Uh, this doesn’t look good, ” muttered Cinn. “Well, hello beautiful ladies, haven’t seen you around here before,” the big hulk of a man stated.

“No, we are just passing through and heard about this amazing club so we thought we might come check it out,” I replied with a big smile. “Well let me show you the way ladies,” hulk replied waving his hand toward the doors. “Umm, don’t we have to wait in line?” Kiree asked. “Of course not. Our kind never wait at the door, you get VIP treatment here ladies,” hulk man told us with a smile.

“Our kind?” we all said in unison. He led us inside the doors and whispered, “Yeah, werewolves.” We all looked at each other stunned. “H-how do you know that? ” Cinn asked quietly. “I’m sorry girls I forget how sheltered the other packs keep the young ones. This club is owned and operated by the Great Plains Pack.”

“So, we are neighbors then,” I spoke up. “If you’re from Black Mountain then yes,” hulk stated. “Yes, my mother is Alpha Sherry,” came my fast reply. “I’m so sorry, we didn’t know you were coming. Let me bring you to the our exclusive VIP room,” hulk said as he bowed with a smile. Following him upstairs we were kind of in shock and I was confused to say the least.

** author note (anything in italics is through werewolf mind link)**

He bowed to you Tash.

I know Cinn and that’s is definitely weird and a little freaky.

Let’s just stay calm and see what happens.

Your right Kiree, we will just enjoy ourselves and have fun!

As we were waiting, for well I’m not sure what, we took the liberty of getting a few drinks from the bar in our exclusive room then noticing the gigantic curtains on one wall I opened them. “Wow, there's a gigantic dance floor down there. It looks fun can we go?” Cinn whinnied. “We are supposed to wait here,” I reminded them both. But wait for what, we didn’t know so after about five minutes I caved. ″Oh, okay let’s mingle and dance,″ I smiled. ″Alright party time!!″ Cinn and Kiree both yelled and grabbed my arm pulling me along beside them.

Out on the dance floor we were dancing amongst ourselves when someone tapped my shoulder. It was a blonde girl a little older than me with a haughty smile on her face. “If I, were you, I would not even try it,” she smirked at me. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” I calmly told her and turned back around. “Hey I’m talking to you slut!” she yelled. Oh no she didn’t, I slowly turned back around, “What is your problem?” “I see you eyeing Trev, but he wants nothing to do with you!” ″Well that’s good!” I yelled back, “because I don’t no who Trev is,” I screamed back at her.

All the sudden a loud husky laugh erupted from a corner table with a redhead on top of a black headed guy’s lap and my head snapped to them. ″Thought you didn’t know him you liar!″ blondie yelled. ″I don’t know him, nor do I want to know that freaking womanizing bastard. Why do all alphas to be think they can use, then discard females with no remorse.″ “How dare you speak about my brother like that, he will be alpha soon, so you need to show some respect,” came her screeching voice.

“Ha, I will respect him when he quits messing around, becomes a true alpha and takes care of his responsibilities, ” I stormed off from that disgusting scene. “Way to go Tash! Finally speaking up for yourself huh, ” Kiree grinned. “Yeah, it’s about time,” chimed in Cinn. ″Well, it was going to happen sometime. Better here than in front of my parents. At least I can’t embarrass anyone but you guys,″ I said sheepishly, both staring at me. ″You never embarrass us Tash! We are sisters, we stick with each other through thick and thin,″ they both beamed at me as we group hugged. I laughed and we all liked arms and headed back up stairs. The sight we found when we arrived was quite a shock.

″What do you mean you let them go downstairs!” yelled the hulk. Another rather big man was also threatening the bar attendant. ″Why would you let royalty leave without guards?″ the other giant sneered.

″Oh, I guess it’s a bad time. We will just get our purses and be leaving now. Thank you so much for your hospitality,″ I said as we backed out of the room. ″No no, please stay. We were just concerned for your safety,″ the giant replied rushing to have us sit down. ″Oh, I thought you were looking for some royal or something,″ I replied. Wait I thought the royals were a myth?

The hulk and giant looked confused, glancing at each other then back to me. ″We were but you’re safe now, so no harm done.″ ″Wait, are you talking about us?″ Cinn piped up. ″Yes, we are talking about you. Are you not Tasha Youngblood, daughter of Alpha Sherry of the Black Mountain pack?″

″Yes, I am but I’m no royal. I thought the royals were basically extinct.″ A new voice announced, “Oh dear girl, you have been greatly sheltered and mislead.” I whipped around to see the most amazingly green eyes and dark black hair on a very tanned and gorgeous face. For someone my dad’s age that is.

“Hi, I’m Alpha Cole nice to meet the famous and apparently very sheltered, Tasha Youngblood.”

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