The Alpha Couple

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Alpha Cole sat on one of the couches dismissing his guards to wait outside the door. After closing the door all that remained were the hulk, whose name we learned was Shawn, and the giant, who is John, and of course Alpha Cole along with us girls. We all took seats, us girls across the room from the alpha and the other two on either side of him.

“Well, I guess my dear you have questions,” Alpha Cole stated. I sat in shock for a few more minutes until my thoughts quit bouncing around my head. The alpha was patient and waited until I was ready. “First off why did you call me royal?” I shyly asked. “Well that my dear, is because you are,” Alpha Cole responded with a devilish smile. “But how? My mom is an alpha like you and you’re not royal. Are you?” I asked.

Laughing Alpha Cole responded, “No I am not, but has your mom never told you about the significance of your wolf?” “Do you mean why I’m the only white wolf in five hundred years? No, she always said I would find out when the time was right then it was supposed to be on my seventeenth birthday.”

“But you’re eighteen now correct and yet you still don’t know?” I looked at the alpha then looked at the floor. “No, not on my seventeenth or eighteenth birthday, which was last week.” Alpha Cole asked, “Not to pry into your personal life but have you found your mate?”

“What? Why is that any of your business?” I angrily spouted. “I think it explains why your parents never told you of the prophecy,” was his calm reply.

“Prophecy? I have never heard of any prophecy. I would have known if there was one involving my pack,” I tried to be nice but this was getting ridiculous. “Thank you for letting us into your very chic and exciting club but we need to be going now,” I politely told Alpha Cole. The girls and I rose from our seats and started walking to the door.

“Tell Sherry and Simon I said hello,” he rose and bowed his head slightly, “until we meet again.” “Of course,” I said, nodding as I went out the door. “That was strange,” Cinn whispered when we reached the door leading outside. “What was all that prophecy and royalty talk?” Kiree asked pushing the door open. My mind was too busy wondering why my parents never mentioned any of this to even respond to either of them, let alone notice the group of males shadowing us.

“What the hell was that?” Kiree asked as we were making our through the lines of people still waiting to get inside. “That was intense, Tash,” Cinn exclaimed, trying to get my attention.

Shaking out of my mind haze I replied, “I don’t know guys, that has to just be nonsense. Wouldn’t my parents have told me if something like that was true? They would, wouldn’t they?” I whispered. Since we, werewolves have super sensitive hearing they both heard me and agreed.

Finally making it to the car, I glanced back to the club and spotted a very pretty woman running towards us. I quickly found my keys and unlocked the doors and slid inside and locked the door before the woman made it to the car. I was starting the engine when she tapped on my window.

“I’m sorry to keep you. I was going to apologize for my mate. He is a little insensitive at times.” I rolled my window down a half inch, “It’s ok. No problem, we were leaving anyway.”

She looked kind of sad and apologized again then stepped back. “This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder,” Cinn voiced. “Yeah, I think we should leave tomorrow morning instead of staying another day,” I responded with a frown. “I agree,” Kiree sadly replied. “Good, let’s head back to the hotel and get some sleep then.” All the way back to the hotel I kept thinking about what Alpha Cole told me.

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