The Alpha Couple

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I was the last one up in the morning due to the fact I kept having weird dreams about my wolf being chased by a beautiful and somewhat intimidating gold wolf. As I got out of the shower my friends were arguing about who gets to use the straightener first. I just laughed at them and brushed my medium length brunette hair and let it go while both of them were glaring at me.

“What?” I said laughing. “It’s not fair Tash,” they both whined in unison. “I’m sorry guys, you no I wish we could change hair sometimes too. The straight look works most days but sometimes I would kill to have Cinn’s bouncy red curly cues or your beautiful blonde tresses but all I get is straight brown hair,” I huffed. “I know, we always want what we can’t have”, Kiree laughed. ″So where to today girls.″

“I want to see some water so how about we head to the coast?” Hoping they would both agree. After we got ready and packed the car, we ate breakfast at the hotel then set off for the coast not noticing a car pulling out behind us.

The drive to North Carolina went uneventful with only gas and food stops. All our wolves were itching for a run so we just wanted to get there and find a nice place. With Cinn driving I called my parents to check in and see if anything was going on at home. I was really hoping to hear something about a certain prophecy but of course it was the usual pack news. As I was hanging up I told my mom Alpha Cole said hello. She got very quiet and asked if he said anything else. I told her we had a conversation about several things and hung up. She tried to call me back repeatedly, but I didn’t want to talk to her right now. I got the feeling she didn’t like me talking to Alpha Cole at all. I couldn’t shake the feeling my parents were hiding something from me. Something that affected me in a big way. My friends kept telling me to call and ask but I just couldn’t. I felt if they couldn’t trust me with something this big involving our pack then I couldn’t trust them now to tell me the truth.

As we were getting close to North Carolina Cinn asked if I had contacted the Atlantic Ridge alpha to get permission to enter their territory so we could go running. Of course, with my head full of my parents and the gorgeous gold wolf that’s been haunting my dreams I completely forgot about it. “No, I’m sorry I have been distracted, ” I mumbled. “I will do it right now.”

“Hey Chica its cool,” Kiree said. “The dreams been really getting to you lately, haven’t they?” Sighing I answered, “Yes, it just seems so real and the gold wolf actually said something last night instead of just starring and chasing me.” They both asked, “What?” I paused a minute, “He said mine.”

“Really, maybe that means your going to find your mate on this trip!” Cinn exclaimed. “That would be awesome Tash,” Kiree piped up.

They had both found their mates when they were 16 as most wolves do but for some reason I haven’t yet. Speaking of their mates I was really surprised that they both were cool with coming along with me on my little vacation. Being away from your mate is really hard especially long distances. You want to constantly be around each other, and your wolves have to be in contact with each other to feel whole. Which is why both Cinn and Kiree were constantly texting or on the phone once we moved out of Black Mountain territory. The mind link we have with our packs get weaker the farther away we are. I took out my phone and looked up Atlantic Ridge packs’ number.

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