The Alpha Couple

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After getting permission to enter the packs territory I told the girls we were all set. It took the rest of the day until we finally reached the pack borders.

We were met by their beta Lee. “Alpha Damain would like for all of you girls to meet at the house and have dinner with him and his family.” Lee told us. “Of course, we would love to meet the alpha family.” I replied. We followed Lee through several twists and turns and came upon a breath-taking forest with a huge lake. “Wow,” we all exclaimed. “That is gorgeous I could get used to running in there.” I whispered.

After a few more miles the most magnificent house I have ever seen came into view. I mean our house was great and all but this was beautiful. Rows and rows of flowers surrounded the walkway and rose bushes on each side of the massive front door. What can I say I love flowers!

We parked the car and followed Lee to the front door. Suddenly a very excited girl about six years old few out the door and attached herself to my legs. ″Hi Alpha Tasha, my name is Lily and we are going to be best friends.” ″Well hello Lily. I would love to be friends with you but I am not an alpha yet.″ I smiled at her. ″I’m so sorry I will take her back to her parents,” Lee pried Lily away and began walking inside. ″Its ok Lee, I don’t mind really,” I replied with a smile. ″Yeah, Tash loves kids,” Cinn said. “And they all seem to love her too,″ Kiree chimed in.

“Lily, Lily where did you run off to?” a musical voice drifted towards us. ″I have her Luna″, Lee replied. ″Oh, good we need to get ready for our visitors’ arrival,″ the luna replied as she was rounding the corner. “Oh my, I guess I am a little for that”, she smiled as she met me eyes.

“Hello. I’m Tasha Youngblood from the Black Mountain Pack and these are my friends Kiree and Cinnamon, but she prefers Cinn.” I said, introducing everyone. “Welcome to the Atlantic Ridge Pack I’m sorry my mate and I were not here to greet you when you got to the house.”

“It’s ok mommy I did it for you,” Lily beamed at her mom. “I hope she was not any trouble, oh by the way my name is Dawn. Let’s go see if my mate can tear himself away to properly greet you.” “Oh, its quite alright I don't want to interrupt pack business.” I told her. “No worries dear he and our youngest son are outside wrestling around. We didnt expect you dears until this afternoon. Let’s go out back and meet the the rest of the family.” Dawn turned around towards the back of the house.

“Uh, okay, if your sure we aren't interrupting.” I replied, turning to look at the my friends shrugging. “Of course, not dear. The men are just starting the barbecue and Logan wanted to play with his dad so they started wrestling a little, its no bother.” she assured me then yelled, ″Dear our company has arrived!′

Alpha Damain looked at us and jumped up, “I’m sorry hun. We got a little carried away. Hi I’m Damain and I see you have already met my lovely mate, Dawn.″ “And me daddy,″ Lily beamed, bouncing up and down.

Alpha Damian bent down and scooped Lily up in his arms, ″I see pumpkin, and this young man is Logan.″ The young man in question rose off the ground and walked up beside his dad. Even at his young age he had an air of authority around him.

“Hello Alpha Damain, I’m Tasha and these are my friends Cinn and Kiree. Thank you for granting us permission to enter your territory and for allowing us to set our wolves free and run for a little while.″ “Its my pleasure, its not everyday we are graced with company of a royal. Actually, I guess it’s been over 500 years,” Alpha Damian replied with a grin.

There's that royal thing again, I muttered to myself. Of course, everyone heard my comment and Alpha Damain asked what I was talking about. Letting out a sigh I told them about learning there was a prophecy I was suppose to be involved in but not knowing what the prophecy entailed.

Alpha Damian looked stunned. “You mean you parents never told you about it?’” Luna Dawn spoke up. ″No, they haven’t,” I replied rather gruffly. “I think we need to go to my office and make a phone call.″ Slowly I followed the alpha into the house. “Maybe its not all bad,″ Kiree tried to cheer me up. “Yeah, it could be a good thing,″ Cinn added. But I wasn't so sure of that.

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