The Alpha Couple

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We all took seats in the alpha’s office. Luna Dawn took my hand and told me everything was going to be ok but I needed to hear the whole explanation before overacting. I nodded my head. Alpha Damian dialed my moms’ number and put the phone on speaker. I gulped when I heard my moms voice. “Black Mountain, Sherry speaking.”

“Hello Sherry, this is Damian.” I shared a look with my Luna Dawn then glanced back to the alpha. “Hi Damian, how has the pack been?” my mom asked. “We have been great since the weather has calmed down.”

“That's good I heard the hurricane came pretty close to you guys this time,” mom was always good at small talk. “Yes, we are lucky.”

“Great, any thing I can help you with then?” mom asked politely. “Is your mate with you?” Alpha Damien asled. “No,he his outside with my beta. Why what is going on?”“I think you might want to call him in before I explain.”

“No, I think you need to explain first”, mom practically screamed. “Now Sherry, calm down, I just received some visitors from you pack.”

“Visitors? The only pack members missing are my son. Oh, well my daughter and her 2 friends are on a road tri… Damn, is it Tasha?” mom asked wearily. “Hi mom.” I said. “Tash hunny is something wrong? Why did you hang up. I have been trying to call you.”

“No. Well yes, I guess there is something bothering me,” I replied hesitantly. “What is it hunny?” mom asked. “Why did you or dad never tell me about the prophecy involving my wolf?”

“Oh hunny, let me call your dad. I think he needs to be here for this,” was her response. “For the record Sherry I wasn’t the one who originally brought it up with her but I did let the royal part slip.” I heard a big sigh, “It’s okay Damian its my own fault. I should have told her on her sixteenth birthday even though she didn’t find her mate as expected.”

“What does finding my mate have to do with anything. Alpha Cole said the same thing.” I rubbed my temples, millions of thoughts running wild. “Your dad is here now hunny, we will explain everything,” mom said. “Hi, Tash.”

“Hi dad,” I quietly replied, dreading this conversation. “Guess the trip is not going as expected huh kiddo,” dad simply stated. “Dad I’m not a kid anymore and no it has not, not really.″

″Let me start at the beginning,” mom said. “And please let us finish before you say anything please.” I mumbled, “I will try.

“Growing up every wolf is taught at a very young age about the white alpha. The legend states that there was once a white alpha whose power was far above every other wolfs. It is said that the white alpha is the child of the moon goddess therefore it is the most supreme alpha who rules all the werewolves. Only the moon goddess is above the white alpha,” mom started the story. “Yes, I know the legend. There hasn’t been a white alpha in a long time. No one even believes the stories are real,” I replied huffily. “The legend is definitely true,” Alpha Damien added with a smile.

Mom continued, “There is more to the story that only your father and I know.” “Why just you two. Why not every wolf or at least every pack alpha,” I inquired with a frown. “Because the remainder of the story is just for the while alpha and the their family to figure out,” dad replied. “Again, why do you two know the story then. I know my wlf is white but I am a female and the story goes HE is the supreme leader, not SHE.”

Luna Dawn cut in at that point, “Actually in the original prophecy no gender is specified. Just the ‘white alpha’ and we all now that an alpha can be male or female.” I agreed, shaking my head, “True. Continue mom.”

“The white wolf will find its mate in a gold wolf and they will rule together as the royal couple.” I heard a small gasp from Luna Dawn but didn’t pay much attention, listening intently to the story now. “The white wolf is powerful on its on but when it mates with the gold wolf it will gain powers no ordinary wolf can comprehend. Together the alpha couple will heal and rebuild the werewolf world.” Mom paused a few seconds and dad picked up the story.

“With every new generation of wolves two from each pack will be chosen by the moon goddess to train and act as a royal guard. They will be identified by a silver moon tattoo on their chest above the heart. When the white wolf emerges on its first shift all guards will feel the transition and begin their role as guardians of the supreme alpha. They will all join the white wolfs pack as protectors.

Once the white and gold wolves mate the circle of the prophecy will be complete. Each will receive their own gifts or powers from the moon goddess to contribute to the werewolf world but both will have the ability to heal. They will be the most powerful couple of all times.” Dad finished and the silence was deafening.

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