The Alpha Couple

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“Oh my gosh! This can’t be happening,” I exclaimed. “Hunny this is your destiny. You should be happy you have such a great purpose in life,” my dad replied. “It’s, well … it’s just a lot to take in right now. But why did you keep this from me?” I asked hurt.

“When you shifted for the first time and we saw your gorgeous white wolf we were shocked then excited. We felt blessed that our daughter was picked by the moon goddess.”

“We were going to tell you when that night but we thought we would wait until you had found your mate and tell you together. But when you didn’t find your mate and we saw how disappointed you were we decided not to tell you because we didn’t want to add anymore pressure on you. Then we thought by your seventeeth birthday surely you would meet him,” my dad explained.

“But I’m eighteen now, ” I reminded them. My mom spoke up, “I know hunny but we just figured that we would let you live your life as normal as possible since your mate had not shown up yet.”

I heard someone softly crying when my parents were explaining all this to me but I was to wrapped up in my own thoughts to really listen but when I looked over at the Luna I saw tears running down her cheeks and Alpha Damian was comforting her. I got up and walked over to them. “What’s wrong. Did you want us to leave? I know this is all a bit bizarre and I’m sure you don’t want all this stuff brought to your doorstep,” I started to say.

The luna jumped up and wrapped me in a hug. “Oh know, please don’t leave.” Luna dawn said. “It’s just that, well, umm ..” she stammered, looking at her mate. He shook his head no but she continued, “when I heard that your mate was a gold wolf, well I got a little emotional.” Confused I replied, “Okay.”

Alpha Damian sighed then explained, “Our son Aaron, the future alpha of this pack is a gold wolf.” Cinn, Kiree and I exchanged shocked expressions. “Well holy shit!” exclaimed Cinn.

“Cinnamon, language!” my mom screamed through the phone. “Sorry Alpha Sherry, but this explains Tash’s dreams about the gold wolf and it means she finally gets to meet her mate!” Cinn screamed, excitedly.

“Your son is a gold wolf?” I whispered as I looked at the alpha and Luna. “Yes, dear he is,” smiled the Luna. “But we didn’t know the part about the mate being a gold wolf until now.”

“I need to go to the restroom,” I said as I ran out of the room. “We will go check on her Alpha Sherry,” I heard both my friends say. “Thank you, girls. Have her call me when she calms down.” Mom added. “Yes alpha, ” they said in unison.

The girls finally found me outside in front of the house sitting by the flower garden. “Tash, what’s wrong?” Kiree asked as she sat down beside me, putting an arm around my shoulders. “Did you not just freaking hear what was just said!” I yelled. “Well yes, of course we did but which part are you upset about?” Cinn asked. “All of it is pretty unbelievable but I’m talking about the alphas son”, I said matter-of-factly.

“Oh, your mate,” Kiree said excitedly. “He’s not my mate”, I half yelled. Both of them looked stunned. “Why are you upset? We thought you would be happy to have found your mate.” Cinn said hesitantly.

“I would be if he wasn’t a freaking alpha.” I huffed, pulling my knees to my chest and folding my arms around them, resting my head on my arms. “Aww, now we understand”, Cinn replied. “But maybe he’s not like that, Tash. Just give him a chance.”

“Believe me, I have met four of the future alphas plus I have heard stories about some others and they are all womanizing scum bags. They think because they have authority they can do what they want, with whoever they want, and not worry about anyone else or their feelings.” I sadly stated. “Remember when I joined my parents on the trip to the Pacific Pack?” I asked them both.

“Last summer, right?” asked Kiree. “Yes. Well I made friends with the betas daughter and we starting hanging out a lot. I noticed that when ever the alpha to be would come around the tension would escalate and she would insist we leave.

I finally asked her about it and she admitted that he was her mate but that he rejected her because he didn’t want to give up his ‘status with the ladies’. It broke her heart and he didn’t care, he would bring girl after girl home just to flaunt them in front if her.”

“What a creep!” Kiree growled. “Yeah, so just my luck my mate is a future alpha,” I said sadly. “Cheer up chica. Let’s go for a run then maybe go to beach!” Kiree said excitedly. “I guess. That is the reason we came here in the first place.” I replied with a slight smile.

“I will go ask Alpha Damian,” Cinn volunteered. “Okay good. I don’t think I can face them after running out like that.” I honestly said. “I’m sure they will forgive you. After all you are the white wolf!” Kiree snickered.

“Ha ha, guys laugh it up.” I joked. “You know we still love you”, Cinn smirked. “Omg Cinn! I just realized something.” Kiree screeched. “What, what’s wrong?” Cinn asked worriedly. “Travis has a silver moon on his chest. Doesn’t Bryce have one too?” Kiree asked, excitedly.

“Damn, your right Kiree. Actually don’t all the guys in their little ‘club’ have one”, Cinn said. “Your right, and the ‘club members’ starting showing up slowly right after Tash’s first shift. It makes since now.” Kiree agreed.

“Wait, my two best friends’ mates are my guards.” I exclaimed. “Looks that way”, Cinn confirmed smiling. “ That’s great. It means I won’t be going through all this by myself because mates can’t be apart and your mates will go wherever I go!” I said actually excited since this whole conversation started. “This rocks!” they both screamed.

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