The Alpha Couple

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“Hey Cinn, and we thought they just couldn’t stand being away from us for a week.” Kiree said, winking. “What are you two talking about?” I asked. “Don’t get upset but the guys have been following us this whole time,” Cinn explained, sheepishly. “And you didn’t tell me,” I asked hurt.

“We didn’t want to spoil the trip. You wanted it to be a girls thing so we agreed to letting them follow behind, but not letting their presence known.” Cinn said quietly. “Yeah now we really know why they all wanted to tag along.” Kiree said, kind of hurt. “Yeah, they had no choice. They have to go where you go, you’re their responsibility.” Realizing my choices were limited and fate was dictating my life I conceded, “You guys might as well call them and invite them to join us then. It seems fate has a different definition of freedom.” I grumbled.

“Come on Tash, at least you will be protected at all times. Hey and think about all the hot guys constantly around you,” Cinn added with a smirk. “I guess your both right as usual”, I sighed. “Good. Now let’s go running!” Cinn suggested.

After Cinn told Alpha Damian we were going for a run then the beach he said that sounding like a good idea. It would give me time to digest the news. He is sending his beta with us to show us where we could run and to bring us to the beach. He also said they would wait for us to return before the barbeque started.

My ‘guards’ finally made an appearance and they all smiled sheepishly at me and raised their hand over their tattoos and swore their loyalty to me. I accepted their oaths because it felt like the right thing to do. Beta Lee joined us and we all shifted and took off running into the forest. We ran for about an hour before we finally made it back to the house and got our things and went to the beach.

“Finally. Time to soak up some rays,” Cinn said. Us girls spread out out towels and stripped down to our bikinis. We put on tanning oil and laid down to sun bathe. Travis and Bryce sat with their mates and the other fourteen guys made a circle around us. We all joked back and forth and were having good time. Occasionally we would get strange looks from people walking by but I didn’t care. I was finally able to relax and enjoy myself.

A group of guys were pushing each other jokingly when they passed our huge group. A dirty blonde haired guy looked over at us and did a double take. “Scott?” the guy asked questionably.

Scott looked up and broke into a huge grin. Standing up and doing the knuckle bump thing guys do Scott replied, “Hey Zach. What’s up man.”

“Just hanging out as usual. Thought you and Jason were off doing some training thing for an important ‘job’.” Zach said. “Not that I’m complaining about you coming back, especially when you brought such gorgeous girls back with you.” Scott growled along with the other wolf guards. “Trainings done and I already started the ‘job’ as you put it,” replied Scott. “Damn man, no need to growl. I didn’t mean to offend the girls or your group. Are you allowed to tell us what that job is now?” Zach questioned, glancing from Scott to me then back to Scott. Scott glanced at me and I nodded my head yes. Why not, everyone will find out soon anyway.

“Jason, the rest of the guys here and I are the royal guards to the white alpha.” Scott explained. “Wait you mean that legend is real?” Zach asked unbelievably. “Of course, it is. We learned about it in school every year.” Jason walked over from getting us all some water from the snack hut. “But of course, since you never went to classes you probably don’t remember much.”

The rest of Zach’s friends finally realized he wasn’t with them any longer and joined our group. Zach and Jason gave each other a hug. “Aww, that hurts big bro.” Zach jokingly said. “Just telling the truth slacker,” Jason chuckled.

“So, you guys are all guards to the white alpha huh. Where is he, I want to meet him,” Zach whispered, glancing around. All of us bust out laughing. I stood and walk to Zach. “Hello Zach. I’m Tasha, daughter of Alpha Sherry from the Black Mountain Pack and I am also-.”

“That’s so cool. Your mom is the first female alpha!” one of Zach's friends stated as he interrupted me. Zach grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. Jason and Scott tackle him to the ground while the other guards make a circle around us. “Never touch her highness again without permission if you want to live,” Jason growled to his brother, starting to let him get up. “Well hello your highness. Your smoking hot. Can I have a kiss,” Zach apparently not taking the threat seriously, asked me with a wink. A few guards hustled some humans away from our group so they wouldn’t over hear us or get hurt.

Scott started strangling Zach while Jason held down his hands. “ENOUGH!” I screamed. “Let him go, ” my command startled even myself. “Thanks baby doll, but I have it covered.” Zach smiled.

I straightened up to my full 5′4" and started walking towards them. I felt my body temp rise and felt like I was on fire. I heard a loud gasp and everyone was just starring at me. “You will not talk to me like that. Women are not weak nor are we stupid.” I was really angry now. I raised my hand up and I saw blue flames shooting out of my fingertips. I shook my hand and the flames went out but not before noticing a tattoo with a wolf howling in front of a silver moon on my left wrist.

I was as shocked as everyone else. All the guards that weren’t still holding Zach down dropped to one knee and bowed their heads. Jason and Scott didn’t let Zach go but they also bowed. In unison they all chanted, “we as your royal guards will protect you, the white alpha, and any members of the royal family with our lives. We pledge our loyalty to the royal couple and the loyalty of our future generations to all the royal generations to come.”

“Thank you. You may all stand, and release Zach.” I said proudly, feeling power radiating off of me. “Didn’t they just do that before we left the house?” Kiree asked, starring. “Yes, but this pledge was to all future royal generations as well.” Travis explained to his mate, pecking her cheek. Bryce continued, “As Tasha has accepted her destiny she has gained her first gift. The prophecy has started and therefore the supreme white alpha is born.”

“I’m really sorry Alpha Tasha. I..- I didn’t mean anything bad about women.” Zach mumbled. “I was just showing off.” Sighing I said, “never treat women as anything other than equals. They are meant to stand beside their mates, not behind.”

“Yes, Alpha Tasha. I will know that. Like I said I was trying to show off in front of some friends. Some human friends. But I should have not acted like that. I am truly sorry, ” he bowed his head in shame. “Good. Now let’s go back to the pack house and eat some barbecue!” I said excitedly.

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