The Alpha Couple

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As we were getting out of the cars we were met by Alpha Damian. “Did you guys have a good time? No problems I hope?” Damian asked while looking at many guys getting out of vehicles. “We had a great time.” I answered, “We met a few of your pack members.”

“That’s good. Who was it,” he asked. About that time zach and his buddies pulled up. “Oh no. I hope Zach didn’t cause any problems,” Damian asked questionably. “You know my brother to well,” Jason spat. “He attacked and disrespected Alpha Tasha,” Scott growled.

“WHAT?” Damian screamed. “Zachary. HERE. NOW.” His eyes turned black and he looked ready to shift. “Damn,” muttered Zach. Then, “Coming Alpha Damian.”

“Damian it’s alright. He didn’t really attack me, he just goofing off and he wasn’t aware of my title.” I said trying to soothe Damian’s wolf. Usually you can only mind link members of your pack if your close enough but me being the supreme alpha I can link with any wolf I choose too I figured out earlier, so I linked Dawn.

Dawn hurry, come outside now. Damian is going to shift.

Oh, Alpha Tasha, you scared me. Of course, I’m on my way. What happened?

Before I could answer Dawn ran outside to Damian’s side and started whispering to him. After a few minutes he started to calm down and apologized to me. “No harm done Damian. Let’s go inside and get ready for the barbecue.” I smiled, leading the way.

“Of course, Alpha Tasha. We have started cooking everything already so it won’t be long now.” Lily told us, trailing behind still whispering to her mate and patting his arm she was still clutching.

Since my ‘guards’ will not leave me know that I know about them, all of us were invited to stay in the guest rooms at the pack house. It’s a little crowded with nineteen extra people but Dawn seemed to take it all in stride and got us all settled in. Cinn, Kiree and I were sharing a room so we went up to shower and change clothes.

“Can you believe all this?” I asked them. “How am I suppose to do this?” I heaved myself down in a chair. “With the help of your mate, Tash.” Kiree volunteered. “And of course, we will always be there for you!” Cinn chimed in.

I looked at my two best friends. We grew up together and have helped each other through many good and bad times. They were always there for me after my trainings and lessons, when I started gripping about having no time to spend with them. What did they do? They asked permission to join me! I mean really what sane teen girl would volunteer to go through battle training and alpha lessons instead of going to the mall or hanging out with their friends.

Since my brother and I are twins (I’m a minute older) we both were taught to be alphas. I repeatedly explained to my parents I did not want that responsibility but they insisted we both learn everything. After my first shift I was given extra lessons about all the other packs and territories. I didn’t think much if at the time but now I realize my parents were teaching me things I would need to know as the white alpha.

“I know you both will. You’re like my sisters and Travis and Bryce are my brothers. I probably wouldn’t be taking this as well as I am without all of you here to help me,” I said, honestly. “We love you too!” they both exclaimed. “Are you ready to go downstairs?” Kiree asked me. Sighing I answered, “as ready as I will ever be I guess.”

“Good cause I want to see Bryce.” Cinn piped in. I laughed as we walked out the bedroom door straight into Travis. “I’m sorry alpha. I didn’t mean to run into you,” he said apologetically. “Will you guys stop being so formal please. Both you and Bryce are my brothers best friends and both of you practically lived at my house. You three guys and us girls all grew up together so please don’t treat me any differently,” I pleaded with my best friends and their mates.

“Oh Tash,” Travis said as he pulled me in for a hug. “You are our responsibility but in private we will joke and play but you know in public we have to act like royal guards.”

“I guess that will have to do then,” I complained. “Okay. Now that’s settled let’s join the party.” Cinn said. We walked downstairs with Bryce and Cinn in front of me and Travis and Kiree behind me. We made our way to the back yard and found a table off to the side and sat down. Immediately the remaining guards gathered around our table watching every move that was made in the yard.

“You guys need to mingle and have fun.” I told the fab sixteen. (my new nickname for my guards) “I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen to me here, and if something does I know all of you would be here instantly.”

“We can’t do that your highness. Our job is to protect you and we can’t do that if we aren’t with you,” one of the guards replied, eyes constantly sweeping the crowd. “Okay, how about this. I will keep four of you with me all the time but you will switch out every thirty minutes so all of you can enjoy yourselves,” I told them. “We can’t alpha. Our bond to you makes us NEED to be by your side to protect. We can’t help that.”

“Fine then we do this the hard way.” In my alpha tone, which I found came quite easily, I commanded, “you will be on ‘duty’ for thirty minutes each rotating with four guards at a time. Travis, Bryce, Scott and Jason will start the rotation now. Any questions?” I asked. “We understand alpha,” echoed sixteen voices.

“Good. Now go have fun!” I smiled. The ‘off duty’ guys slowly walked away, but glancing back to me every few seconds. “That was harsh Tash, playing the alpha card.” Bryce whined. “Sorry, I had to. It’s not fair for you guys to have to constantly be on alert and watch me, especially when I can hande myself in case of an attack. Isn’t that what all those extra training sessions were for.”

“It’s something we were born to do. We grew up training and readying ourselves for this day. It’s what we are meant to do.” Travis told me. “And yes, we know you can handle yourself in a fight, we made sure of that.”

“It’s still not fair,” I whined. “You all deserve a life, also.”

“Protecting the royal family is our lives. We are all pleased to have been chosen for the task and voluntarily bound ourselves to the white alpha family.” Bryce added.

“Well at least you two have found your mates in my best friends.” I said, truly happy for them. “Yes, we are truly blessed.” Travis said smiling at Kiree.

We sat in silence for awhile while I tried to except that my life will be never be my own and glad I had such great friends to at least help me cope some. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and starting to relax a little. “Hey Scott and Jason, isn’t this your old pack?” I asked even though I already knew the answer. “Yes Alpha.” Jason replied. “Do you like the alpha and his family?” I questioned. “They are great leaders. The pack is strong and rarely has any problems,” Jason told me. “That’s good. I have met Logan and Lily but don’t they have another son?” I asked, glancing at the girls.

Cinn and Kiree looked at he knowingly. They knew I was fishing for information about my supposed mate. Scott’s the one that answered this time, “Yes. Aaron and I were good friends growing up until I had to leave. He is a great guy. Always worrying about pack members and never abusing his power.”

“Wow”, Kiree said. “I thought all future alphas were snobby woman users.”

“No, not Aaron. He was more interested in learning about his duties and the pack than girls. He would go on a few group dates with us and stuff but I don’t think he ever had any real relationships.” Scott added. Bryce said, “not that all the girls didn’t try but he just wasn’t interested. Us guys always joked that he turned down all the girls cause he wasn’t into girls. He would just laugh and say he had duties to attend to and the only girl that would tempt him would be his mate.”

“That’s so romantic. Isn’t it Tash?” Cinn asked me. “We will see,” I whispered.

“You three have shifted together then?” cinn inquired. “Yes. why?” Bryce asked confused. “What color is his wolf?” Cinn continued on. “Gold. What’s with all the questions?” Scott asked.

“I thought all of you knew about the prophecy?” I questioned them. “Yes. We were born with our tattoos so our parents and alphas started our lessons as soon as we could talk and our training as soon as we were able to hold weapons.” Travis explained. “But, yet you don’t know who my mate will be?” I asked them.

“No, that wasn’t part if the legend we were told.” Jason said. “Why do you know who it is?” Kiree added, “Remember what your mom said Tash, only the white alpha family knew the mate part.” Nodding I spoke up, " well according to my mom the prophecy states that the white wolf will be mates with a gold wolf.” I shyly told them.

“Aaron!” both Scott and Jason said excitedly. “That’s great Tasha, he will make a terrific mate for you.”

“I’m not sure guys. I know you think he is a good guy but you have been gone for two years.” I worriedly replied. “Aww, Tash now it makes sense. Your worried he will be like the few alphas you met on the trips with your parents.” Travis asked. “Yeah I guess. I don’t know, it’s just all a little much for me right now. Much less finding out my mate is an alpha himself.”

“It will work out sweetie,” Cinn tried calming me down. “Yeah, Chica. You are the strongest female we know. You will work it all out.” Kiree added. “Thanks guys. I’m glad you are all going to be helping me through this.” I replied, “now, it’s time to rotate out. See you guys later.” I smiled as I got up and walked over to some other guards.

“She’s gonna kill us all,” Jason groaned. “Yea, but we still love her!” Scott said as he got up and walked over to some old pack friends he spotted.

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