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The Rising Son

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A sixteen year old boy's life changes when one day from walking home, he gets kidnapped by a secret assassination group, claiming that he is a descendant of the late Merlin. Join Stan in this story as he discovers his true hidden skills and conquers various foes with skills, magic and otherworldly abilities.

Fantasy / Action
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“All of that, just to fail like your ancestors before you, I pity you”, the being said, waving their arm, a shock wave following the motion, sending Stan and his sword into the destroyed landscape, coughing up blood as he could tell this was his limit. His breathing was ragged, rapid breaths coming out whenever they could, he was reaching the point of exhaustion. Every bone and fiber in his body screamed in agony as he forced himself to stand up once more. This fight was too important to give up on and he knew that. He looked to his right, grabbing his sword that was stuck in the ground, getting back in his stance,

“Not yet, I’m not done yet”, Stan managed to say, coughing up more blood, wiping the blood off with his sleeve, chuckling a bit as he looked at his foe, “You know, it’s crazy how my life has changed from all those years ago, But one thing has remained certain, even back then-“, Stan taking a deep breath and smirking, “My story doesn’t end until I say so”

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