The Rising Son

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Chapter 3: Alpha Psi Omega

~~October 9th, 12:15am 2018~~

The shadows in the training room darkened and got bigger as Stan, Leo, Olivia, Axel and Dredgor came out of them. Stan groaned, holding his stomach, trying to get up but he failed. Olivia rushed over to him, hugging him tightly.

“I was so worried! Are you okay?! You had a sword inside of you!“, Olivia reiterated, concerned of the fight she just watched. Truth be told, Stan didn’t know how he felt. The room was still spinning for him.

“I just...need some air” He muttered, Axel snickering and walking over to him. Axel had been the longest member at The Soulless Ones out of all of them. His parents were apart of the group and gave birth to him while assassins. He was 5′10, looking over most of the group. His jet black hair, matching his outfit perfectly. He stared at the group, his dull green eyes intimidating most of them.

“I’m surprised that you guys actually didn’t get sucked up dry. I told The Ancient you guys wouldn’t be ready yet”, He turned around, walking towards the door before stopping, “Oh yeah Merlin”, He turned around again, “I still expect more out of Merlin’s descendant.” He finished, leaving the room as The Ancient walked in.

“Thank you Axel, Dredgor you’re dismissed.” The Ancient instructed, Dredgor nodding his head and leaving the room. Olivia got up, helping Stan up on his left side, Leo helping him up on his right side. The Ancient nodded his head proudly, “Very well you three, well, I should say Stan I suppose but you guys survived.”

Olivia raised an eyebrow before speaking, “No disrespect sir, but we could’ve been killed. We didn’t even find the target, just Dracula. How did we do well?”

“Oh Olivia, Dennis Cole doesn’t exist. The mission today was mainly to see if your magic skills improved. Stan was able to tap into Merlin’s power when he needed it the most. You two however, need some work.” The Ancient affirmed. That was the last thing Stan heard before he blacked out.

~~October 22nd, 2018~~

Stan stood still in the training room, taking a deep breath and flexing. When he flexed, his aura appeared instantly, covering his entire body. The color was a bit darker than before and it was easier to control. Ever since the fight with Dracula, his aura had become bigger and much easier to control. He could keep it up for at least five minutes now, compared to when it was only up for ten seconds. Not only did his mana reserves increase, but his sense for detecting mana had improved as well. He described detecting mana as the feeling when you hear someone call your name but no one is there. It’s like...Mana is calling out to you.

“You in here?” A female voice said, Stan turning around and seeing the door open. A girl walked in the room holding a small black box in her hands. She dawned silver hair that flowed down to her back. Her amber eyes praised her tan skin. This was the last member of Axel’s and Dredgor’s team, Valerie. Valerie reached Stan, being eye-level with him, handing him the box, “Liza said that you were asking for these?” Stan’s eyes widened, a smile springing across his lips, taking the box.

“Oh she actually did it? That’s awesome!” Stan exclaimed, opening the box and seeing a new pair of contacts and a set of airpods. He put the contacts on, struggling a little bit. Contacts were his greatest enemy so far. Once they were in, he put the airpods in as well. Valerie was confused on why Stan would want these things.

“You asked for contacts and...Airpods? Why?”

“The contacts help with my Avalon Override.”

“I’m sorry, your what?”

“My Avalon Override, it’s what I call one of Merlin’s skills. Merlin’s descendants learn magic faster by absorbing another person’s Mana. The skill has two affects for the user. The first one is more of a permanent side affect. When I absorb the mana from someone, I get a better control over my own mana, increasing my magical talent. The other affect is that for a brief time period, I add their own mana to my own, increasing my power by an insane amount. Although, the amount of power I get from them is solely dependent on how much I absorb and I can’t really estimate the amount of mana I currently have in that moment. That’s what these contacts are for” Stan explained, Valerie nodding her head.

“Interesting...Wait, so the contacts displays the amount of mana that was added to yours? Does it always display some type of level display? I feel like that would be annoying.”

“No, not all the time. Right now, they look like normal contacts. But when I channel my mana around me and say Avalon Override, it starts up. They also have features like night vision, can turn into mirrors if need be and much more. For those features, I just have to my aura up.” Stan informed, Valerie being intrigued by the fact.

“Okay Okay, what about the airpods? What purpose do they serve?”

Stan smiled, taking a deep breath, his aura appeared around him, mana flowing through his body. The airpods started to change into a circular earpiece on each side. They became black and had a silver dragon head silouhette on them.

“The airpods turn into headphones that go hand in hand with the contacts. There’s an AI in them that tells me if I’m exerting myself too much and how much mana I currently have stored up, just in case I can’t see the levels on my contacts. It also has another feature that I’m working on.” Stan finished, his aura disappearing.

“Well, you sure have put a lot of time and thought into this.” Valerie said, chuckling a bit then remembering the other reason why she came in the room, “Oh yeah! Liza told me to tell you that The Ancient wants you to in the Throne room soon. Something about a new mission.” She said, turning around and beginning to walk out. Stan nodded his head and began testing out his new toys.

Eventually, Stan made his way to the Throne room, Olivia and Leo already being there, Leo snickering.

“Took you long enough.” He bragged, Stan rolling his eyes, paying him no mind. The Ancient sighing and looking at the three.

“Okay you three, you all have important missions you must complete in six hours. Each one is tailored for your expertise. Olivia, you will be infiltrating a cult and killing the cultist when no one is around.” He explained, handing her a paper with more information on it, “Leo, you have to take out the chairman of this business. Make it seem like one of the employees did it” He assured, handing Leo a paper like Olivia’s and a vial filled with some liquid, “And Stan, you will infiltrate a Fratority party. Your job is to figure out who the target is and take them out as quickly as possible” The Ancient explained, tossing him a silver coin, Stan grabbing it.

Stan was confused, why did everyone else get a straight forward mission? But he only got a coin and he was told to find his target. Hell, he could kill the wrong person, sure he was an assassin but he was still human. He shook his head, staring at The Ancient,

“How am I suppose to figure out who the target is? And what is this coin?” Stan pestered, The Ancient sighing.

“You’ll figure it out Stan, you’re smart enough. And add your mana to the coin before flipping it. If it’s heads in the air, it will turn into your sword. If it’s tails, it will be your dagger. It’s a way to conceal your weapons in public. Now, all three of you get prepared in ten minutes. I have prepared smoke pellets to take you to your destinations” The Ancient said, dismissing the three.

Even though Stan mainly wore his Assassin uniform, he still had normal clothes in his rooms. They were still allowed to go out of the base and go to different places, they just couldn’t go back to their old lives. He took out some black ripped jeans, a grey graphic tee shirt, a black short sleeve jacket and some white high tops. He put everything on, grabbing his airpods and putting them in his ears, putting his contacts on as well. Stan saw the two smoke pellets on his dresser, one for taking him to his destination and the other for bringing him back. He walked out the room, seeing Olivia and Leo down the hall. Olivia smiled, walking over to him and giggling,

“You sure look like you’re ready for a party” She said, walking over and kissing his cheek, “You look cute though, the outfit suits you” She cooed, Leo grunting in the background before chiming in.

“Just get a room already, why do you get to go to a party and dress up but I have to wear a business suit and Olivia can just wear her regular assassin outfit?” He pestered, Stan shrugging his shoulders.

“Look, I don’t like parties, I’m not that much of a social person. It took me three weeks to actually talk to you guys outside of training when we first started here. Anyways, those ten minutes are up. It’s time to go.” Stan said, the three of them nodding their head and looking at their pellets, throwing them at the ground.

Stan coughed a bit, inhaling some of the smoke, smacking it away. He looked at his surroundings, seeing that he was in some type of woods. It was night time and there was a crescent moon in the sky. The weather was a perfect blend of warm and cold. In the distance he could hear music blaring and kids shouting. He followed the sound, exiting the woods.

Stan wasn’t the most popular kid in school, he had a group of friends that he talked to but he didn’t get involved in anything. He didn’t find enjoyment in partying, he would rather just spend the weekend playing on his Xbox with friends. So, he was really surprised at the scene he saw when he arrived at the Fratority house. There were some students passed out on the lawn, others chanting while chugging down alcohol as if it was water. Another thing he noticed were a bunch of stone statues of people around the house. Stan was actually impressed by them, they looked really nice. As much as he was impressed by the scenery, he had to focus on the mission at hand. He cracked his neck, walking pass the students and entering the house.

It was just as chaotic inside the house as it was outside. Students dancing and singing in another room. In the room Stan was in, which was the living room, students were either smoking or were too busy occupied by having their tongues down each others throat. He looked around, seeing if anyone had any irregular mana reserves. Every human is born with some amount of mana, no matter what. It’ll be relatively small compared to supernatural beings but the fact is, they still have it. He didn’t spot anything suspicious so maybe this time he didn’t have to deal with any supernatural creature? He really didn’t want to have to fight someone like Dracula again. Stan figured if they were human they were bound to slip up somehow. So, he’ll just watch everything from a distance. One of the things that’s mandatory to learn is how to read body movement and he could easily do that. There was a bar in another room he could see and it gave a good overview of the living room, kitchen, dance room and the stairs going upstairs. He decided that will be his hangout spot.

He sat down at the stool at the end of the counter, resting his elbow on the counter, plopping his chin down into his palm.

“Nice airpods, I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new here?” A voice said, Stan turning around and looking at the bartender, well what he guessed what was supposed to be a bartender, cleaning a glass. The bartender was male and was cleaning a glass. He had shaggy brown hair, falling down in front of his eyes.

“I don’t really come out too party that much, I just...wanted a change of pace I suppose.”

“Well you sure picked the best night to experience a party kid. Tonight is Alpha Psi Omega’s annual six pack, it’s our biggest party here at Meteora University. Hell, it’s the biggest party in California.”

Stan had no clue on what that meant. He just nodded his head as if he understood before responding, “Ah, lucky me I guess. Are there a bunch of art majors here? I noticed all of the statues in the front.”

The bartender laughed, smacking his hand down on the bar, “Are there a bunch of art majors here?! Dude, this is an Art school! The statues are of people that have went missing.”

Fuck, Stan thought, chuckling nervously. In his defense, he had no idea what this school was, he didn’t even know he was in California until he just said it. He’s gotta get better at this whole infiltrating business.

“Sorry, it’s been a long day, I actually don’t go to this school. I go to a school about thirty minutes from here. A friend of mine told me they were going to be here” Stan explained, The bartender nodding his head.

“Well I’m glad that you decided to show up, the fun is just beginning. My name is Ethan by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Ethan, just call me Merlin.”

~~4 hours later~~

Stan and Ethan talked for awhile, it felt relaxing to have a conversation with someone that wasn’t an assassin or was trying to kill him. It made him forget about the mission a bit until he heard a bunch of chanting coming from upstairs and people walking downstairs.

“What’s happening?” Stan asked, Ethan putting both of his elbows on the counter, his knuckles supporting his head.

“It seems the two presidents are coming down. Since this is Fratority, we have a male president and a female president.” Ethan explained, Stan nodding his head. The male president came down first, taking off his shirt revealing the greek letters of the house painted on his chest. A bunch of people roared in excitement. Stan just thought it was stupid. The female president walked down behind him. She overshadowed him, looking down at him and giggling. Her black choppy hair bounced everytime she walked. Her lime green snake earrings paid homage to her sullen green eyes. Her ivory skin had a yellow hue to it. She was wearing a black shirt with Alpha Sigma Psi on it. She was wearing jeans, the cuffs at the bottom being tucked into her black boots. It seemed like every guy, and even some girls were drooling over her. Even Ethan looked like a deer caught in headlights. But that’s not what Stan was focused on, he was completely in shock by one little fact.

This girl had no Mana.

Stan was sure of it, there was no doubt about it. He couldn’t detect a single trace of mana within her. Sure, some people could conceal their mana so they wouldn’t be detected. However, you only do that if you’re by yourself, not if you’re surrounded by humans. If you’re using humans to hide, then you would want to show that you had some type of mana. He thought it over and over again, why is she hiding her mana? Who is she hiding from? Or well, trying to hide from? And that’s when Stan got to his answer. This girl wasn’t hiding...

She wanted to be found.

Ethan could tell Stan was spacing out, nudging his shoulder, “Damn bro, I know Melissa is hot but you’re still staring at her.” He assured, Stan shaking his head, regaining his cool.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Stan said, Ethan nodding his head as he got up and started walking. Melissa looked over at him, winking and licking her lips. He paid her no mind, making sure his mana levels mimicked the humans. He was positive now that she was his target. He went upstairs going into the bathroom.

Stan washed his face off, looking at himself in the mirror before taking the coin he got from The Ancient. He looked at it closely, before hearing a knock on the door. He said he’ll be out in a second before opening the door and seeing Melissa in front of him. He kept his composure, staring at her. She looked down at him, smirking before she started to talk,

“Sorry, but I’m the president of this house and I know everyone that enters this building. I’ve never seen you before and I’m positive I would’ve remembered someone like you.” Melissa hissed, placing her hand underneath his chin. Her touch felt soft, it felt like he could trust her in a way. He just wanted to fall in her embrace.

Snap out of it, a voice said in Stan’s head. He didn’t recognize it but he didn’t really care, it definitely snapped him out of what was happening to him. He smirked, staring at her, and removing her hand,

“Sorry If I was bothering you, I’ll leave then. I was just getting ready to.” He said, walking passed her and going back downstairs. He had to get her away from these people and he knew exactly what to do. He waved goodbye to Ethan, walking out the house. The second he got out the house, he let up his aura. Luckily, humans couldn’t see mana unless they knew how to use it themselves. Stan kept walking, going deeper into the woods, hoping she would take the bait.

Melissa’s eyes widened as she felt Stan’s mana, smirking a bit. She left the house, following his trail like a dog following a scent. She made it deep into the woods, looking around before laughing, “Was this your plan to lure me out?” She asked, listening closely for movement. She just heard the leaves rustling in the wind, before hearing Stan speak,

“I kept saying to myself, why is she hiding her mana? What is the purpose in it?” Stan said, jumping down from a tree. He landed in front of her, his airpods had turned into the headphones. Melissa watched, crossing her arms, Stan beginning to walk around her before speaking again,

“Why would someone hide themselves with human, knowing that they have no mana? That’s when I started to put the pieces together.” Stan muttered, flipping the coin, the coin turning into a dagger. He grabbed the dagger, speeding towards her and aiming for her neck. Melissa countered in time with her sleeve, hissing at him. Stan chuckled, jumping back, rushing at her once more, his aura covering him as he disappeared again.

“The Fratority is a good cover, I must say. No would expect it, not even at a art school.” Stan explained, this time appearing above her with his dagger. He placed both of his hands on the hilt, coming down. Melissa quickly looked up, and in one swift motion, she jabbed her arm through him. Well, what she thought was him. It was an afterimage made out of Stan’s mana. Melissa was getting irritated, where exactly was he?

“Good looking, everyone head over heels you, the snake earrings, it’s like you wanted to be found.” Stan informed, appearing beside her, Melissa roundhouse kicking him. He quickly grabbed her foot, Melissa’s eyes started to shine a brighter green. Stan turning away and letting out all of his mana around him. It created a blinding effect, letting Stan escape. Once the light died down, Melissa looked around, still not seeing Stan. She was furious, her veins were getting ready to pop out of her skin,

“Stop being a coward and fight me!” She screamed, looking around, wondering where he was going to come out at this time. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down a bit.

“And the thing that really sealed the deal, was all of the stone statues and missing kids. Those kids aren’t missing, they’re right here. Who would’ve thought...” Stan announced, rushing at her at breakneck speed, his body covered in mana. His dagger, pushing against her neck, Stan looking into her eyes, “...That Medusa was hanging with college students.” Stan stated, Medusa’s eyes widening, the goddess smirking before her hair turned into snakes. One of the snakes hit Stan’s dagger, sending it flying into the air.

“So you figured who I am? I’m impressed, I’ll add you to my collection like the rest of them.” Medusa assured, her eyes shining green. Stan smirked, his eyes shining green just like hers. Medusa started to laugh, her eyes going back to the normal green. To her surprise though, Stan wasn’t turning into stone. This had never happened before, she was confused.

“What?! Why aren’t you-”


Medusa looked down, seeing the horrified sight. Her legs had started to turn to stone, the material making it up her body. She started to scream, Stan chuckling and rubbing his contacts.

“Sorry Medusa, I just outsmarted you like the stories said...“, The dagger in the air turned into his sword, falling back down, “...See you in Hell.” He stated, reaching up and grabbing the sword. Once he grabbed it, he did a complete 360, cutting her head off in one fell swoop. The material had just reached her neck, her head falling on the ground. Stan spun the sword around, walking over and picking the head up when his mind was flooded with a bunch of images.

They were moving too fast for him to understand all of them. He saw a castle, a grail, a dark figure, and a lady looking out at a lake. The last thing he saw was a sword in stone, the image then turning into a location on a map. The images stopped, Stan rubbing his head. One word kept repeating over and over in his head, this word rushing out of Stan’s mouth.


Author’s Note: If you read this far, thank you so much! Sorry that this chapter came out a day late, I’ve been busy, but Chapter 4 will come out on time next week (Hopefully, Lol).

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