The Rising Son

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Chapter 4: The Sword in Stone

~~October 23rd, 2018~~

“So let me get this straight, Olivia went after a cultist, Leo went after an employee but I had to deal with Medusa?!” Stan exclaimed, holding Medusa’s head by her hair. He didn’t just want to leave the head lying around for the public. He also thought of it as a trophy of some sorts. Leo snickered, crossing his arms and looking away. Olivia smiled at Stan, giving him a thumbs up and mouthing ‘good job’. The Ancient stared at the head for a bit, shaking his head before speaking.

“Like I mentioned before, each target that you were tasked with were determined by your skills. Plus, all of you have learned something valuable from each mission, didn’t you?” The Ancient asked, Olivia nodding her head.

“Yeah actually, I learned how to conceal myself completely with mana and figured out my lightning affinity.” Olivia added, looking at her hands and seeing small sparks dance in her palm. Leo snickered, flexing his arms, chiming in.

“Well, I did realize that I can use mana to change my voice to make it seem like someone else so I guess that was helpful.” Leo informed, The Ancient sighing in agreement.

“See? What did you learn Stan?” The Ancient asked, Stan thinking for a bit. What did he learn? Everything that he did was something he had practiced in training beforehand. He then remembered what he saw after he killed Medusa.

“Well, I learned where the location of Excalibur was.” Stan said, the three of them staring at him. The Ancient blinked a few times before responding,

“I’m sorry...Did you say Excalibur? As in the legendary sword?”

“Yeah, I got a vision after I killed Medusa, also, how come I couldn’t detect her mana? Even when were fighting I didn’t detect a single trace of it.”

“It’s because Medusa is a God, if the legends are true than gods don’t use Mana. They have their own source of power.” The Ancient explained, Stan nodding his head. He tossed the head on the ground, raising his arms, a yawn escaping from his mouth.

“I’ll go search for Excalibur tomorrow or something. I just know that the only thing I’m searching for right now is some Z’s.” Stan stated.

“Very well, I have a new type of mission for you all tomorrow anyways. You’ll be split up in different pairs. Olivia and Valerie, Leo and Dredgor and Stan and Axel. You two can go find Excalibur as your mission. You are all dismissed.”

~~October 24th, 2018~~

Stan and Axel walked across a path, grassy fields surrounding them. They weren’t dressed in their Assassin attire for two reasons. One, it was day time and two, they’re just trying to find a relic, no killing should be necessary. Stan had never really talked to Axel that much, truth be told, he was always intimidated by him. He was skilled in basically everything, had his mana under control and was a descendant like him. Axel kept his hands in his pockets, taking a deep breath before speaking.

“So what exactly are we looking for Merlin?” He asked, Stan looking up at the sky.

“An island, we need to find Avalon. The Ancient said that Old Camelot should be coming up soon, maybe we’ll find some information there?” He added, Axel staying silent.

This was awkward.

Stan was not much of a talker himself, he had always been like that. It would take some time before he would open up but the silence was killing him. He remembered that Axel had Lancelot’s sword so that should be a good conversation starter.

“When did you find Lancelot’s sword?” Stan questioned, Axel looking over at him briefly.

“You mean Arondight? Two years ago. Why?” Axel inquired.

“Oh, I was just wondering since you know, we’re looking for Excalibur.”


“...You’ve been in The Soulless Ones for awhile as well right?”

“Yeah, ever since I was five. Is there a reason you’re asking me all these questions?”

“I just wanted to start conversation, I don’t really know anything about you.”

“That’s because I don’t talk to you.”

“I know but we’re on a mission so I figured- Ah, nevermind.” Stan finished, sighing and shoving his hands in his pockets. Axel raised an eyebrow slightly before chuckling a bit to himself.

“Alright, I’ll entertain you Merlin.”

~~**Olivia and Valerie’s Perspective**~~

Olivia and Valerie were tasked with sharpening all the weapons they had stored up. Olivia hummed to herself, sharpening the blade of a sword. Valerie was sharpening a dagger, hearing her hum and started to recognize it.

“Stan hums that same tune when he’s in the training room, did you pick that up from him?” Valerie asked, Olivia looking up and smiling to herself.

“I didn’t even realize it until you said it, I guess it rubbed off on me.” She explained, Valerie smirking a bit and nudging her shoulder.

“You really like him huh?”

“Y-Yeah, I do. Our relationship reminds me of some sense of normality with everything going on. What about you? Stan tells me that he catches Dredgor staring at you all the time.”

“I mean...Dredgor is nice and cool but he’s just not my type. I’m not really looking for anything, if something happens, it happens. I’m just going to focus on my missions and hopefully I can leave this place.” Valerie informed, Olivia biting her lip.

“Yeah, how long have you been here?”

“I’ve been here almost as long as Axel has been here. Axel has been here since he was five I believe and Dredgor and I have been here since we were 6. To put that in perspective, Axel is two years older than Dredgor and I.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize he was the oldest then out of all of us. Do you ever miss home?”

“Not really. My parents got rid of me as soon as they figured out I was a Metahuman. Even though they were Metahumans as well, they were afraid of me. When my eyes turn gold I can control whoever makes eye contact with me to a certain degree.”

“Wow...That’s pretty dark. I was brought in during the Legio.”

“Ah, so you mean you were brought in during The Soulless One’s annual ‘picking’. It’s kinda messed up when you think about it? Taking random kids to train them into deadly assassins.” Valerie muttered at the end, reaching for another weapon to sharpen.

~~** Dredgor’s and Leo’s Perspective ** ~~

Dredgor and Leo walked through a forest, Dredgor swatting away some flies, not paying attention where he was going and running into a branch. He cursed, Leo looking back and laughing. Dredgor snarled, rubbing his face.

“It’s not that funny! I don’t get why the flies don’t go after you.” He muttered, Leo shrugging his shoulders.

“They’re attracted to weakness that’s why, I mean-” He starts to flex his arms, his muscles popping, “Just look at all this power!” He gloated, Dredgor rolling his eyes before whispering under his breath,

“All flash, no substance.”

Leo stopped in his tracks, turning his head slightly before uttering, “What did you just say?”

Dredgor remained cool, clearing his throat, “I said, All flash. No substance.”

Leo quickly turned around, a glowing orange aura erupting around him only to be countered by a emerald green aura emitting off of Dredgor. The difference in size of the auras were noticeable, with Dredgor’s basically swallowing Leo’s aura. The two stared at each other for awhile before Leo snickered, powering down.

“Whatever, your precious magic won’t always be there to save you, one day you’ll lose to someone in a old fashioned duel.” He boasted, Dredgor sucking his teeth.

“Let’s just get the supplies from Pendragon’s guards and get back to base already.” He stated, Leo nodding his head and the two continued to walk through the forest.

~~**Back to Stan and Axel’s Perspective**~~

Axel and Stan realized they had a lot of things in common after talking for a bit. They both preferred to using swords, they had similar interests in hobbies and both wanted to reach higher heights with their magic powers. The one thing that Stan found interesting was Axel explaining the Lancelot Curse. Normally when a descendant of Lancelot is born, they only have up until their 12th birthday before they become insanely ill and they eventually pass away years later. These descendants had the ability to manipulate darkness and had a direct line of communication with the Dark Lord Bompape. However, when Axel was born, he was born with a twin sister. Axel regained all the powers and mana reserves but his sister Alex took all the negative effects. Axel said that one of the reasons why he has more free reign when it comes to The Soulless Ones because he’s one of the best assassins they ever produced and he only stays because they’re trying to find a cure for his sister.

Stan told his story as well, it wasn’t as nearly as complicated as Axel’s but he felt he needed to. He always wondered why he wasn’t hesitant when The Ancient told him to join. He had friends and family members back at home that he loved but truth be told, he was not fond of his living situation. Constant arguing with his parents back and forth, taking their anger out on him and yelling at him for things he didn’t even know. It wasn’t physical abuse but the mental abuse was there. He always wanted to do more with his life and he was granted the opportunity so he took it.

The two made it to Old Camelot, there were hardly any people in the town at all. In fact, it looked and felt like a ghost town. The atmosphere made Stan feel uneasy but it felt like he was close to something. It was as if someone was calling him to get closer. They walked around looking for anything that seemed to be a clue for Avalon but there was just a bunch of run down buildings and cobblestone structures.

“There’s nothing here.” Stan protested, looking around, Axel walking over to a pile of rubble and kicking it to see if anything was underneath it. He then turned to his right, seeing a dull and worn out sign at the end of the town.

“Merlin, what about that sign?” He pointed, Stan and him walking over to it but it had a bunch of gibberish on it. Axel couldn’t make it out and began looking elsewhere but Stan continued to look at it.

It wasn’t gibberish.

Stan could read it clearly, in fact the different markings started to fly off the sign for you and formed into words. He moved closer to the sign, placing his hand on the sign. He didn’t know what he was doing but it felt natural, like when he first used Avalon Override against Dracula. He started to apply his mana towards the sign, the dull letters lighting up faintly. Axel noticed what was happening, raising an eyebrow.

“You can read that? What’s it saying?” Axel asked, crossing his arms. He looked up at the sky, seeing the clouds get darker and the wind around them pick up. The end of his jacket started flapping around. Stan’s eyes started to shine gold periodically as he began to read the message,

“Lady of the Lake, heed my call!-”

The letters started to glow brighter, a faint pentagram appearing around Stan.

“Grant me the power that was bestowed eons ago!-”

The ground started to shake, the letters getting brighter and the pentagram getting darker. The clouds got darker, Axel moving closer to Stan.

“For the Sword locked in Stone needs to be wielded once more!-”

Thunder could now be heard in the sky, pebbles on the ground started to fly in the air. Stan’s pupils switching between brown and gold, before permanently turning gold.

“Bring forth the sword of legend, Excalibur!” Stan shouted, a blue pillar of light collapsing down on top of him and Axel, the two of them disappearing. The clouds cleared up and the thundering stop. The pentagram was burnt into the ground where Stan and Axel were standing at.

Stan opened his eyes, looking around and seeing a bunch of mist. The air smelt salty, like he was at the beach. After further examination he noticed that he was surrounded by water. He then remembered Axel was with him, quickly looking for him but saw he was behind him. He was relieved that Axel was with him and he didn’t leave him behind or anything. Axel walked passed him, looking at the ground. Stan soon realized that they were on Avalon and the mist started to clear up, revealing a path towards a huge oak tree in front of them. The path was made out of a white marble, leading up to a pedastal with a sword in it.

Stan walked towards the sword, Axel watching from a distance. The hilt of the blade looked like it was wings of a dragon. They were silver and the sword itself shined brightly, having a light blue tint around it. Stan could see his self in the reflection perfectly. He went behind the pedastal, grabbing the hilt and began pulling the sword out of the stone. It came out rather easily and it felt light, in fact way too light for a double edged longsword. He waved it around, swinging it effortlessly as it cut through the air with ease. He could feel tremendous mana within the blade.

“So this is Excalibur? I wasn’t expecting it to look like this-”

“And I wasn’t expecting you to be its next owner.” A male voice said, Stan quickly turning around, flipping the sword and putting it at the mysterious person’s neck. They had a hood up covering their face completely, it was like his hood had cast its own shadow. The person backed up from Excalibur before speaking again, “I sense darkness in your path, but the blade has chosen you so I will not go against its wishes. You may return here whenever.” They said snapping their fingers, Stan and Axel disappearing.

Axel and Stan looked around, seeing they were at the front of Old Camelot again. Stan looked down, realizing he was now holding Excalibur in a scabbard that he didn’t have before. The body of it was black but the Chape and Throat were silver. Stan and Axel looked at each other, nodding their heads before returning back to The Soulless Ones Base.

Author’s Note: Yeah this chapter is long overdue but it’s finally here! I’m trying to get more chapters out frequently, I’m already working on the next chapter and I think people will really like it. Thank you to all the people who have read this far, it means a lot to me.

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