The Unknown Wolves

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It was dangerous for them both to be seen in wolf form at night. Yet it was the only time they can run. He, not rouge but not part of a pack. She, part of a pack but alone. He was a wolf orphan in the human world She was unknowingly adopted by the betas of the WolfMoon Pack at just 3 days old. Both left with a unique birthmark What happens when they meet? He’s the new kid at the WolfMoon Pack’s wolf/human school. She’s the nerd/quiet girl. Come enjoy Nathaniel and Aurora’s Journey NYX AND SELENE ARE NOT RELATED ! THEY ARE BESTIES :)

Fantasy / Romance
Kaleah Victoria
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Chapter 0 : Prologue

“Come on bunny, get up! Time for school.” Donald said to Aurora.

“I’m up daddy.” Ten-year-old Aurora said back. Donald smiled and left out the door. Aurora got out of bed and stretched before feeling the worst aching pain ever.

“GAHHH MOMMY! DADDY!” she called out to her parents. Donald and Rena came busting through the doors.

“Oh, goddess what's wrong bunny?” Rena asked.

“Mommy it hurts!” Aurora cried.

“Where?” Donald asked.

“EVERYWHERE!” she screamed. Then they heard bones crack. Donald and Rena looked at each other with a knowing look and rushed Aurora outside.

“Okay bunny. Just embrace the pain. It’ll be over soon.” Donald said after he placed Aurora down.

Aurora was getting the idea that maybe her father was crazy telling a ten-year-old to embrace the pain. Aurora didn't want to ‘embrace’ the pain.

While Aurora was shifting Donald and Rena was conversing and watching worriedly.

“How Donald? She's only ten. The earliest age is sixteen!” Rena exclaimed.

“I know babe. Do you think it has something to do with the birthmark?” Donald asked. Rena shrugged.

“I’m just as clueless as you are but if it does we have to keep it a secret just like the mark.” She said.

Aurora had a mark of the crescent moon on the nape of her neck. It looked like an unfinished tattoo. One that Donald and Rena knew they had to keep secret.

“Aurora, I'm Bella! Your wolf. We have plenty of time to get acquainted but right now, I need you to trust me and hide in the bushes behind us. Other forms are beginning to take and no one can know about them. Not yet at least.” Aurora obeyed and walked off to the bushes.

She then felt it.

She first changed into a dragon. She could feel the tail.

“Aurora, I'm Isa! Your dragon. See you later!”

Then, A Fairy. She felt oddly tiny.

“Hiya Aurora! I’m Sadie! Your Fairy.”

Then, A Angel. She could feel the power of the halo and the weight of the wings.

“Hey, Aurora! I'm Naomi! Your Angel.”

Lastly, A... A Goddess. Wow!

“Hello, Aurora! I'm Kaleah! Your Goddess. You are very confused I can sense it but you will find out sooner than later. All of your forms carry your color. Pink! With white and gold eyes. Keep us a secret. The only one you can share is Bella. She has the power to change into a normal wolf color so that others won't question who you are. Talk with you soon!”

Aurora was passed amazed, scared, and confused but she obeyed Kaleah. She shifted back into Bella. This time being grey like her parents.

She stepped from the bush and barked at her parent who was still talking.

They snapped their heads to her and stared at her in awe.

Aurora smiled and went over to her parents.

Deep in human town, Nathaniel was experiencing the same thing. Though, he was alone.

In the privacy of his room at the Williams’ house, his bones cracked painfully shifting him into his wolf.

“Hey, Nathaniel! I'm Austin! Your wolf. Oddly, we are in this erm... human area. I can smell humans right in the next room. Uh, anyway I and the others would have to teach you about the supernatural world. We’ll talk soon the others have to make an appearance.”

He then felt it.

He first changed into a dragon. He could feel the tail.

“Nathaniel, I'm Israel! Your dragon. See you later!”

Then, A Fairy. He felt oddly tiny.

“Hiya Nthaniel! I’m Saden! Your Fairy.”

Then, A Angel. He could feel the power of the halo and the weight of the wings.

“Hey, Aurora! I'm Nick! Your Angel.”

Lastly, A... A God. Huh?

“Hello, Nathaniel! I'm Jaiden! Your God. You are very confused I can sense it but you will find out sooner than later. All of your forms carry your color. Blue! With white and gold eyes. Keep us a secret. The only one you can share is Austin. He has the power to change into a normal wolf color so that others won't question who you are. But in this state, you won't be able to share any of us since you in a human town. You can run in his form though. I guess. Talk with you soon!”
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