The Unknown Wolves

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Chapter 1 : Aurora

“Dad, I'm leaving!” I exclaimed walking out the front door. I was currently heading to school. School for both wolves and humans.

School for me was... Awkward! There were two mean girls in two different groups. There were the humankind and the werewolf kind. I wasn’t bothered by the werewolf kind because I am the betas daughter. Didn’t stop them from being jealous of me though. humankind thought they were invincible and bothered me whenever they’d like.

Couldn't fight against them. Obviously, I'm very capable of snapping them in half with my pinkie finger.

Ever since I shifted, I've learned a lot. My forms taught me how to control and summon all of my power. It was difficult to keep from my parents because they’d hear the noise of things shattering and slamming into the walls. It became easier after I paid I get my walls soundproofed.

I arrived at school parking in the lot and heading into the building.

Once I entered I smelt the most heavenly smell lingering. I shuddered and walked to my locker to put my things away.

“Aurora Blake! Please come to the main office! Aurora Blake!” I sighed and shut my locker before making my way to the office.

Walking in I smelt the scent again. It smelt of cocoa butter and coconut. The only smell that threw me off was the smell of humans. I looked up and seen a sexy ass guy around my age.

My forms were purring as the boy and I stared each other down.

Mate! They said in unison.

Oh wow! I thought dreamingly.

“Erm. This is Nathaniel the new student. Nathaniel, This is Aurora, your tour guide.” The Secretary said snapping us out of our gaze. I smiled and went to shake his hand.

One his hand joined mine I felt sparks and wanted to melt at the feeling but I kept myself together.

The Secretary handed me his schedule and I scanned it seeing that we shared the same classes.


I walked out of the office and he followed. I was in my world for a quick second before I felt familiar sparks shoot up my hand and my body being yanked into an empty dark classroom.

I gasped and looked up at the sexy beast.

“Mate,” he said calmly before shoving his head into my neck giving me a deep hug.

That's when I smelt it. He was a wolf. Hiding his scent.

Deciding to ask him once our moment is finished I hugged him back. It felt so comfortable. It lasted for what felt like forever before we pulled away staring into the eyes of each other.

“You're beautiful,” he said taking a deep breath. I blushed.

“You're handsome.” I complimented back.

“Go ahead and ask,” he said.

“Why are you hiding your scent.”

“If I don’t people will think I am a rogue. I’m not. I don’t have a pack but I am not rogue. my “parents” aren’t even of this kind. I had to learn what everything means from either my wolf, library books, and other resources.” He said quoting parents.

“I understand,” I said looking him in the eye. He smiled.

“Well, come on! Don't wanna miss the first class.” He said pulling me out of the classroom we were already in.

It was now lunchtime and Nate and I was talking and eating when Rebecca the human bitch stopped at our table and interrupted our conversation.

“Hey, baby! Why are you talking to this trash bag? Why don't you come with me? She's fat and ugly.” She said. I rolled my eyes but what happened next made me die in laughter.

“Ew, I think I'm gone be sick!” Nate said gagging. Yes. He gagged. Rebecca frowned

“Hey, slut! Getaway you're making him sick,” she said to me. I scoffed.

“I- she isn't making me sick! You are! And if anyone is a slut it's you. Now if you'd leave my girlfriend and me in peace.” He spoke cutting me off.

“Girlfriend?! Her? Prove it.” Rebecca smirked. Nate matched it and pulled me into him before placing his lips on mine.

Mmm. Wait! Huh?


I'm melting mentally right now as I kiss him back. A few seconds passed before he pulled away and looked at Rebecca.

“Bye Now,” he said waving at her. I cackled.

She glared and walked away. I looked at him and started before I spoke.

“Girlfriend huh?” I inquired. He smiled.

“You are my mate. But after our first date, you'll be my girlfriend,” he said kissing my cheek.


“How about I walk you home after school?” he asked.

“Or I could drive you home,” I said. He shrugged and smiled.

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