His Little Mate

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Rose is a sweet, kind & beautiful girl. She likes to dance & going out with friends. BUT one day he catches the eye of the devil...... She don't know what will wait for her in future. Xavier Black, ALPHA of BLACK MOON PACK. A Ruthless, black hearted Alpha. He don't show any mercy. BUT one day he saw her........ What Rose will choose ...??

Fantasy / Romance
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Rose's POV

The ray's of sun peek through my window and I slowly open my eyes to start a new day. I go the bathroom & do my routine work, then I walk into my closet. I love pink & white colour so my most of the dresses are that. Ohh sorry you must be thinking who is this girl who talk much.

Hey I'm Rose Fernandez, 17 years old. I love my parents so much, they always support me & give me so much affection. We live in LA. And not only my parents I love my best friend Kat. We are opposite in personality but she is best.

Today is the first day of my College....I'm very excited because me & kat are going to the same college

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