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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I (Nia) found myself watching porn a little too deep one day out of boredom, and ended up masturbating to a man spanking a tremendously smaller girl over his knee. Gosh i want that so bad, i should do something about it but i've never ever been touched that way by man. F**k it im gonna join that bdsm cite my friend Zoe was talking about! ....... well here we go ....... ~Nia phone rings with new messages from multiple interested Dom's~ ...... cant back down now girl do it! .......

Fantasy / Drama
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“Bend over”

“but daddy”


Nia turned around and bent over the end of the bed with her bare ass in the air for Lowe

“you will learn to obey me”Lowe rubbed his palm against her ass “I’ve learned how sensitive your body is and I know being overstimulated breaks you down the most” He pushed his hips aginst her making his dick rub against her through his suit pants “unlike spanking and time outs, so I will fuck you until your brain dead”

“okay daddy”

Lowe stepped forward and rubbed his fingertips against her drenched core

“daddy fuck me”


“You don’t tell me what to do learn your fucking place”

Lowe shoved his fingers into her pussy causing Nia to whimper and pushed forward so his fingers would come out slightly

Lowe used his free hand to push Nia against the bed so she wouldn’t move



“watch your fucking language”

“mmmmm daddy i’m sorry”

Lowe fingered her until her legs were shaking, her pussy was soaking and her juices were running down her legs

He angled his finger to hit her g spot and her pussy started to leak

“i’m gonna squirt”

“go kitten squirt all over my finger baby”

“AH AH AH daddy i’m gonna...”

Nia shivered from how hard her orgasm hit she had never came and squirted at the same time before, her eyes went cross eyed from the pleasure bursting throughout her body

but that didn’t stop Lowe from trying to rip another orgasm out of her, he plunged his fingers in and out of her making Nia go into overstimulation



Lowe ripped off his pants quickly and shoved his swollen dick inside of her

Nia cried out from his size he was 8 inches and his girth was too much to hold with one hand, the man was blessed okay

“daddy its sooo big!”

“Take it! Shit your so tight for me baby”

“oh my god” He slowly progressed his speed and eventually fucked Nia like an animal

Nia tried crawling unto the bed cause she needed a break from his continuous pounding

Lowe yanked Nia by her hair and turned her to face his full body mirror on the wall she was left with nothing but air to grasp on

He fucked Nia with her back bent and her head pulled back, he locked Nia’s arms behind her back with his other hand

Nia’s head was spinning with pleasure

“im gonna cum” she whimpered in a tiny voice, the pleasure was making her speechless

“Cum right now babygirl cum”

Nia shook from the second orgasm her legs were giving out and shaking, Lowe yanked her up bybher hair and continued to destroy her pussy, his balls slapping against her clit made a loud splashing noise as she squirted from the overstimulation

“Fuck im cuming Nia”

Lowe came and it made him more needy for another orgasm from Nia, He was hungry every time he fucked her, He hoped she would disobey him so he could fuck her all night

To him Nia had the tightest pussy compared to any submissive he had she was also extremely sensitive so he could pull multiple orgasms out of her and make her beg for forgiveness, he yearned for that control and Nia gave it all to him but she also trapped him emotionally and it made him more vulnerable for her so he wasn’t the only one winning in this one...........

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