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Quietthought (Dreams)

Quietthought somehow found herself in a blindingly bright desert, with only the charred skeletons of unknown individuals to keep her company. She didn’t know how she got here, no recollection of her coming. Something seemed off, however. A bit of panicked looking around revealed that she had no shadow.

As if it was summoned, a thing made of slimy darkness, which would dribble down like droplets of light consuming ink. It looked liked her, if you drenched her in liquid shadow, and gave her needle sharp teeth of bleached white. Not-her lurched from the dune she arrived on, crawling towards her, hissing and spitting.

Quietthought ran.

She didn’t make even seven steps.

The sand below her collapsed before reaction, sending her tumbling down, down down. She landed on something, unhurt for whatever strange reason. It was a floating island, not much larger than she was. Getting her bearings, Quietthought realized she was in the sky, suspended with countless thousand other small floating isles. Some had tiny trees, or bushes, or a boulder poking up.

The island wobbled beneath her, as she exhaled, shaky from her prior experience. A rumble echoed out throughout the floating island. Staring, she watched as the the floating islands began to drift to one another, growing quicker, and larger in number. They assembled the head of a giant dragon made of boulder and bark, impossibly large. Empty eye sockets stared at her, and it silently roared, mouth hinging open. Quietthought couldn’t escape as it rushed forward and snapped it’s cavernous maw over her lone island, plunging her into complete and utter darkness.

She felt like she was floating herself, drifting through the void, moving aimlessly. Tiny pinpricks of colored light popped up, swirling around her. Except they weren’t lights. They were eyes. All staring at her, in all shapes and sizes, huddling around. Circling.

You have such pretty eyes. Can we have them? The eyes droned, dancing around her, laughing.

“NO!” She cried out, trying to push away from the thousands and thousands of eyes. They only cackled louder, crowding her, replacing darkness with milky white and colored iris. She couldn’t breathe, there were too many.

Enough. Boomed from out of nowhere, dreadful white turning to ash. They eyes screaming, but countless flame of the hottest white burned them all relentless. She still couldn’t breathe, but now from the oppressive heat. Flames of crimson red and sunset orange weaved together in front of her, forming a dragon of similar scale to the island one. But it seemed even larger, having a presence to it. Two eyes of blue suns stared down at her, blazing and roiling with golden flame.

Quietthought was literally almost crushed by the mere gaze of this thing. The dragon of blistering heat and flame laughed.

Oh, aren’t you just a tiny adorable little thing The firey entity leaned down, her head larger than a mountain. It was so hot, so incredibly hot, but Quietthought felt that the entity was restraining herself, stopped her from being incinerated on the spot. She couldn’t speak however, the mix of the weight of the presence, and the lack of air in her lungs.

Aww. Hi there, I’m Fire. She tilted her head.

Quietthought. What a nicely quaint name Quietthought could only nod in response.

You’re so confused it’s adorable. I’ll explain it just a bit. You are at the edge of sleep and awake. The Inbetween if you will. This is our realm, where we reside. Who we is, is not important. The dragon made of fire collected her thoughts.

I’m Fire. I’m what burns the forest down, and brings new life from those ashes. I’m the passion inside every dragon, that drive to create, or conquer. You don’t have to fully understand, but that’s okay. Why are you here? Who knows. We only met on chance. You’re just so adorable, how tiny you are. Just a speck to great span of time and space.

She laughed, a thunderous sound.

Aww, I’m afraid you have to leave now. Bye!

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