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Oracle was always a strange seawing, growing up. A reserved and quiet one, without any friends. It was not her shy nature, but her insatiable appetite for knowledge; secrets. To her, it was like currency. Sharp eyesight, and a mind for observation meant she picked up so much. Of course, she had to deal with seeing her parent’s divorce, before it happened. On the day it finally became official, she swam into deep, deep waters, where few seawings dare tread.

By sheer luck, or coincidence, she stumbled upon a stone carved box, half opened, inside of a ruined cave. This is the tale of this event:

Oracle saw it coming, miles away. Yet, it didn’t stop the hurt when it actually happened. Angry shouts still echoed within her mind, cruel memories of their underwater house. Instead of dealing with it, she swam far, and deep. Water flowed around her, squeezing her in uncaring indifference, the farther she went down. It was so dark down here, only her glowing scales and night vision allowing her to see any distance.

Before the water was too tight, her ears pounding, she chanced upon a cave, the entrance crumbling from age. Curiosity overtook her, as it was something to distract herself with. Swimming in, the walls were close around her, yet she delved in further.

Finally, the cave led to a simple room, sparsely decorated except for stone shelving, carved directly into the walls. Contained on these shelves were many crushed stone carved boxes, debris littering the floor and shelving. However, out of the few that was left intact, one was half opened, simplistic eye designs weaving around the box.

Within the box were two dull pearls, not much bigger than her eyes. Continuing the theme, there was a small stone tablet, engraved with the words of:

In this box lies sight beyond, if you are willing to pay its price.

Somewhat ominous. Oracle reached down gently towards the pearls, but her claws felt nearly painful buzzing the closer she got. She hesitated. What was she doing? She didn’t know what the price was, or even what sight beyond is. But it sounded so interesting.

Her pointed claw brushed against one, ignoring the crackling feeling. The sensation stopped, and both pearls shot up, to eye level. They paused for a second, before dashing and drilling into her eyes. Oracle thrashed about, unable to escape the pain. And no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t scream underwater.

When it was finally over in an eternity, she rubbed furiously at her eyes. But what met her touch was the cool solid sensation of the pearls, any remnants of her old eyes gone. She couldn’t see, only blank darkness meeting her. What has she done, what has she done, what has she done?

However, ever so slowly, faint outline and traces began to appear. It was nothing like her previous vision. She could only see edges, lined in dull navy blue. What made it ever worse was when she started ‘seeing’ it from behind, and above and below. It was a sphere, that she could see in. Her brain wasn’t used to this, all this information, even if only in forms of lines between the darkness.

She ‘saw’ herself, a vague seawing shaped entity. However, strangely, she could see her wing markings. Instead of the normal arrangement, it was that of simplistic eyes, similar to the ones on the box. They pulsed softly, in tune with her heartbeat. Her other luminescent scales did so as well, glowing with navy blue light.

Unlike her old sight, while she could see all around at once, there was a border where only sheer darkness resided beyond. It was a good distance away, but it was still disturbing. She shook her head, the sphere of sight wobbling in sync. Keeping her head steadier this time, she collected her bearings, and made to exist the room and cave.

Swimming out, she tried to not get nauseous as her field of vision moved along with her, washing over everything nearby, revealing it all in dull lines and edges. Once out, she just floated about, in awe.

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