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Sandy didn’t know anymore. She just didn’t. Ever since a green light crashing throughout sky, nothing was normal. She first woke up not as a sandwing, but seawing instead. Then a skywing, then a nightwing, another sandwing. She lost track of new bodies and different scales. She never knew the old inhabitants.

Sandy stumbled across a beach with blue-green scales, webbed claws and feet. She stared numbly at the waves. The water crashed against the shore with thunderous noise. She was a he now. At least, for this moment.

Despite being a sandwing originally, she found herself liking seawing bodies the most. Living in a desert has given her(him?)a different view on the precious fluid. A skywing stumbled awkwardly behind him.

“Pretty, ain’t it.” The skywing spoke slightly dazedly. He continued,

“I was a mudwing starting out. Now, I don’t even know where, or even who my siblings are.”

The skywing chuckled darkly, a sad noise. He began wading into the water, his orange scales gleaming from getting covered with water.

Sandy didn’t react much, withdrawn into her(his) on world. The skywing went deeper in.

Sandy didn’t see them again. And it was night, then morning, and a whole new body.

At least it was another seawing…

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