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Nur 2

“Hi, welcome to our village, how can we help you?” The words echoed out, a disturbance to the uneasy chatter of nervous rainwings. The sandwing queen snorted.

“You all dying would be appreciated” She muttered, before snapping her head back up. Soldiers marched into orderly formation, awaiting orders. Stone cold faces wore their features. The queen sighed, an exaggerated sound of exhaled air, one of exasperation.

“Mirage, be a dear, and turn a rainwing into stone to demonstrate this isn’t a joke.” The smaller sanding, the animus nodded. Splaying out her claws, she pointed at a still rather young rainwing. For the ‘mother’, time seem to slow down as the she observed the rainwing, scale shifting to smooth grey rock.

Her eyes searched further beyond, and she watched as the animus spell matrix took place. It was a crude mess of a thing, the only reason for its sheer potent power was the soul fragment fueling it. Really a jumbled mess of magic, and shouldn’t work at all; but yet it does anyway.

The saddest part of this whole display, was how easily unraveled the animus spell could be. Sure, the average dragon- and likely animus as well- didn’t know how, but to literally anyone with experience, could just snip this spell.

Time zoomed up again, the purple rainwing reducing their perception to more ‘normal’ levels. The poor rainwing was turned to stone in what appeared to be a blink of an eye. This, of course, brought about panic among the rainwings, and the cruel delight from the sandwings. Though one or two guards appeared vaguely uncomfortable with the whole ordeal.

The father of this young rainwing, reached out, weeping. The ‘mother’ know the stone rainwing’s own mother died in the fires. The father’s son was all he had left. Nur sighed, herself (himself?). He could feel himself exit character, the kindly mother persona he put up fading as the situation changed.

This sudden shift caught the attention of the queen, who took notice of the random grin this rainwing obtained. It made her almost uncomfortable. Not for being creepy, but how normal and utterly relaxed it was. It was like the rainwing changed into a whole new person, with the way they now held themself.

“Mirage, turn that one to stone as well.” The sandwing queen pointed to the purple rainwing with the lazy grin. Her many bracelets jangled as she did so. Mirage quietly complied.

Nur inhaled a breath of the wonderful rainforest air as Mirage did her thing. It was a shame it was tainted by scent of oiled metal from armor and weapons the soldiers had.

The spell washed over her(him). She smiled wider, almost painfully wide as the spell fizzled out and did absolute jacksquat. This surprised Mirage, who appeared to try again, much to the irate nature of the queen.

Right before Mirage could do anything, Nur raised a single claw. Every sandwing suddenly felt a pinprick against their necks. Thin spindles of sharpened earth was raised from the forest ground, pointing and pressing at the throats of every solider, and the Queen.

“Shall we discuss this like civil folk? It’s entirely your choice. If you want to be uncivil, well...” The purple rainwing chuckled darkly. It did not match their appearence whatsoever, and even the other villagers looked concerned.

“I’m all for it.”

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