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Deadshot and Artemis 1

The grass rustled ever so quietly beneath Deadshot. The icewing slowly shuffled position, leaning against the hill as much as he could. The metal and wooden construction felt right in his claws, the gigantic crossbow able to blast a hole through armor and skull alike. Currently he was using the spyglass that was attached to the top of his weapon, surveying down the hill and further down the plains. An assembly of dragons was happening, between skywings and seawings. Two important looking officials were casually chatting with one another, jewelry and other bauble glinting in the sunlight, kicking up a golden dazzle.

Only made them easier to spot. The contractor wanted them both dead, and heads returned for him, for a not so inconsiderable sum. The silkwing beside him was also doing her own scoping out. The sun was shining just above the position of the meeting, and they both needed it move a bit before they could make their shots, the glare of the sun protecting the heads of both diplomats.

In just a few more minutes, it’ll be hunting season. Deadshot slowly exhaled some icy vapor, using that cool himself. It wasn’t sweltering, but it wasn’t his ideal temperature either. Still, a job’s a job, and he’s done desert hunts. He would make do. The bodies of they unfortunate guards were behind them both, covered up with green blankets to blend them in with the grass. In fact, similar green blankets where over their bodies, to make it harder to spot their figure. A thinly stretched black cloth was over the spyglass. While it made the image fuzzier and tinted, it did removed much of the glare that would otherwise happen, and reveal themselves.

As Deadshot waited, he idly thought back to the climb up this hill. A seawing and a skywing guard were stationed nearby, chattering about the most random events. Deadshot merely just took out his folding smaller crossbow, and place a bolt in the seawing’s eye, and let Artemis take care of the surprised skywing, the seawing’s blood splattering him.

Once she did her thing, they laid down both bodies, and removed their weapons, laying a green tarp over them both. It wasn’t perfect, but at this distance and the time frame they had, it would make do. Another skywing did stumble upon them in setup, but his gaping mouth was a mistake, and he died swiftly as a spear sized arrow ripped through his mouth and out his throat. Ripping the bolt out from the soil behind the dragon was semi unpleasant, but Deadshot wiped the blood and dirt off the metal head, however the shaft was stained now. Well, even more stained.

No point in just throwing away perfectly good ammunition, Deadshot was no stranger to reusing arrows. He settled the bolt back into the primed position, using a crank on the side of his large crossbow to pull the string taunt. Firing this thing quickly was not an option, as priming it took a good bit. The drawback of having such a high-powered weapon.

The sun was now out of position, so he lined up the claw-painted crosshairs on the seawings head, and slowly exhaled once more, all thoughts quieting.

He pulled the trigger, the crossbow producing a large *TWANG!* There was a slight whistling, but a thunk that Deadshot could hear within his head. The seawing seem surprised on why she could no longer speak, before slumping, the arrow having shredded her neck and throat. Blood pooled across the hastily constructed platform. The skywing was also slumped, Artemis having took her shot as well.

Dragons were panicking, as hapless soldiers looked around. Deadshot calmly reloaded as the chaos went down, and took out a fleeing seawing prince. The jewelry gave him away. Artemis cut the lifespans of several soldiers short, and then they slowly descended from the hill, their job done. They cleaned up after themselves, and there was nary a trace of their prior existence.

Retrieving the heads was harder, but it was done as well. Now it was time to head back to report a contract finished...

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