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Deadshot and Artemis 2

Deadshot and Artemis ducked behind the strewn rubble, using a particularly large piece made of stone brick and mortar. The icewing and silkwing grimaced.

Arrows and spears were tossed overhead, whizzing, clinking and sparking when they collided into the brick road.

“Moons dammit, they got us stuck here” Deadshot was furiously cranking his enormous crossbow, winching the wire back.

Sliding in a large bolt, Deadshot swift as a viper swung upwards and blasted the head off the lead guard, before ducking down just as quickly.

Sandwing soldiers cursed, and scrambling claws could be heard. Artemis rolled three darts about her claws, expertly popping them into her own crossbow, an elegant and refined piece of silvery engraved metal.

Sliding the bottom mechanism, she leaned left, poking out the left side out of cover, sending a three round barrage into the necks of three cautiously moving soldier. The forth tried to react but Deadshot turned his left eye into a convenient arrow holder, blood splurting out in a blossom of crimson. Deadshot placed his smaller crossbow back onto its latch, folding it up for carrying.

Artemis dropped another two of the sand snorters, as Deadshot sent the final fleeing sandwing to his forefathers.

“Well that was easier than expected…” Artemis commented, eyebrow raised. Deadshot merely grunted, pointing to a crack in the stone brick road.

It rumbled, the crack fracturing further. With violent upheaval, a gigantic beetle type creature erupted from the crack, easily three times larger than any dragon still here.

Deadshot merely cranked his wire taunt, calmly staring the raging beetle down.

“Time to earn our pay.” Quiet words exhaled from his mouth as Deadshot took aim…|

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