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Sparrow (2) 1

I woke up, the sky greeting me a with a cheery glow, all sunny and with bountiful fluffy clouds. Idyllic, really, if not for the fact I could remember nothing else except my name and the fact I was a skywing. Sparrow the skywing, just rolls right off the tongue. I looked at my claws, like knives attached to my hands, and reddish orange scales that made me look like the dream oil painting fire.

Huh, I was a handsome fellow. Now only if I could remember stuff, such as how in the three moons did I get here. Three moons? What a curious saying, seeing how there was only one here, visibly in the blue sky.

Of course, could be a clue of my origin. But I had other things to worry about, such as the tower the seemingly pierced the sky and heavens. And, the fact that something crowded my vision.

[You’re finally awake! Welcome to the Lands, Adventurer! You’ve been randomly selected, among 100 others from your planet, to climb a Tower. Once you reach the top, you will have been considered having beat the tutorial. Little other information will be given. That’s on you to find out. Oh, and try not to die. You’ll fine it to be deeply unpleasant.

-Love, from the System]

After I finished reading every word, the panel disappeared from sight. I did a Huh, and then heard a strange, almost whistling sound. A shadow was dashing across the field, a blue-green grass composing it. Oh, and the giant boulder flying towards me. Wait, why was a boulder flying towards me-

Everything went dark, as I was sent spiralling down into the abyss below, before flipping and falling *upwards*, into a blinding white.

I woke up, the sky greeting me a with a cheery glow, all sunny and with bountiful fluffy clouds. I jumped upwards, feeling all over my distinctly not crushed body.

I was in the same location as before, the same blue-green grass fields, and the same titan of a tower. The simple beige color was still imposing in its rather insane height.

[Congratulations! You died! Sucks to suck!]

Oh, joy... I began to hear the same strange whistling noise, and I leapt into action, dashing forward. A familiar boulder crashed into the soil behind me, kicking up dirt and debris, some of it bouncing off my scales.

I was too busy being dazed to notice the second.

Blackness and going down, down down, and shining white going up, up up.

[Congratulations! You died! Ouch...]

Lovely. I already was having a ‘wonderful’ time. Well, here came the whistling...

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