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Character submitted by @.MetaNightNyan ||Pings: :sparkling_heart:||, slightly edited by me.

A door swung open, leading into the wall of sound that was the Rusty Bucket. Said wall temporarily quietened, as patrons warily looked at the newcomer. A dragon completely covered in dull bronze colored armor walked inside, steam periodically blasting out from holes in the mask that had a thick grate over the eyes, which only shown an ominous glow of orange. The armor clanked as they carelessly clunked to the bar table- conversation returning to full blast once it was revealed the mysterious dragon wasn’t going to kill anyone, *yet*-, merely pointing to the keg they wanted. The bartender, used to this dragon’s shenanigans, slid over a metal cup. The armored, steam blasting dragon lifted their mask, downed the glass, and closed the helmet before anyone could catch a glimpse of their face beyond the flame. A voice hollowly echoed out, the suit amplifying it. It sounded of a person who smoked everyday, a rasp that hid both gender and age.

“Another glass.” The bartender nodded, refilling the metal cup, using a few rags as to not burn himself from the now blistering hot mug. Liquor sizzled as it came into contact with the mug, boiling just a slight bit. This didn’t bother Surtur, who downed it all the same. A similar process happened, and then they slammed the mug down, the wooden bar table gaining yet another black ring from the mug that was now approaching red hot.

Surtur boisterously laughed, the armored dragon raising their mug once more. Steam blasted out, almost scalding a seawing with one eye who got too close.

“A round on me, everyone!” This was much to the cheers of everyone in the bar.

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