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Shard and Nur 5

(A response to someone else's writing, isn't particularly canon in either universe)

An icewing with a strange and peculiar mask snuck into a castle at nightfall, moving about with a stealthiness that would make a cat jealous. The mask was casually humming, despite the fact several mudwing guards were nearby.

I smell magic nearby, Told ya this place was worth it

“So we’re just common thieves now?” Shard muttered underneath his breath.

Perhaps. It depends in your attitude about. I just say we are doing magical object transferring.


I love sound bubbles, watch this! The crazy mask floated up from the strap around Shard’s neck, blasting out a sound so loud, Shard found himself buckling. The guards were completely unfazed, unblinking. A meek servant walked by, ignoring them. Like they weren’t even there.

I love illusion magic. You really should learn it once you can

Shard couldn’t disagree, having seen Nur’s many, many uses of it.

Hmm, Imma do a thing. Give me a second

Without warning, a dragon made of grey smoke, having a crimson head with a large black grin and two sapphire eyes. They dragon suddenly shifted into that of an unassuming rainwing female.

Brushing off non existent dust off her scales, Nur looked at Shard. Shard couldn’t stop Nur, only watch as he/she was about to do something potentially mad. They made to snap their claws, but paused.

“Huh. A fire happened recently, and a large one at that. Several dead. Fire means ash, and ash means…” Nur started chuckling, the sound not fitting the rainwing he currently wore. The guards were still blissfully unaware.

Nur, the mask-turn-rainwing began dancing forward instead of walking. Right when he seemed certain to hit a guard, the guard’s lazy stretching movement flowing through an illusion only Shard could see.

Moons dammit.


Several hours later, Shard found Nur next to a strange dragon. They were sleeping, a silvery ring upon their horn. Nur appeared more Iike smoke now, staring intently at the sleeping form.

They appear to be animus cursed. I could remove it, but it’s kinda entertaining, seeing the effects of the curse.

Nur reached a smoky claw into the horn ring, pulling out a cloudy matrix of dots connected by glowing lines. It was roughshod, and looked crude.

This is Animus magic…Of course dragons would basically gain the magic art of essentially yelling at the universe to make what you want

Nur shook his head. He rearranged the constellation that was all over the place, into a much compressed sphere shape, which pulsed gently with inner light.

Normally I would just snip the spell, but I had a better idea. Oh, this will be fun

Shard knew to be concerned the second he heard those words.

Just a little surprise. They may never learn of it. But if they take the time to just listen? Well, they should hear the voice of Fire. Mmmm. Nothing like a primordial element whispering in your ear whenever you look at torches!

Shard only nodded his head slowly, sighing.


In the end, the duo left without a trace of their invasion, or with anything. Except a scone. It was a good scone.

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