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On/Off 2

I was escorted down a metal catwalk in a blank white tunnel. The area had no distinct smell, and blended together. I had my arms crossed behind my human back, as four scaly legs trod forward. A peculiar rainwing walked ahead of me, and something that crawled upon the ceiling, with a sound of chains rustling.

Finally, the tunnel ended, and there was a room brightly lit, a metal table in the middle. I was feeling a bit nervous, but these guys are professionals. They know what they are doing. Right?

“So once this is done, I’ll be a full rainwing?” The rainwing half of me rippled in colors of anxiety and confusion. The rainwing just twisted her neck more than it should to look back at me. She nodded. I felt slightly more assured. I was still in a slight state of awe, despite being in this facility for a few days now. My adoptive mother brought me here, saying that they owed her. I believed her.

We talked, and they did a few tests. Just a bit of blood draws, and some other things I never even knew existed. Then they asked if I wanted to be full scavenger, or full dragon. I halted at that question. Without much thought, I said dragon. I didn’t think much of it, after that.

I should of known.

Nervous anticipation flowed through me as I was lifted with ease, and place gently on the table, the metal cool against my scales. The thing on the ceiling flipped down on the ground, long lanky metallic legs making it tower. Six arms all ending with hands that ended with different amount of dagger like fingers, sharp and spindly. It had no face, merely a flat shape and a glowing blue light. Emotionlessy, in monotone, it spoke. Already sharp appendages began to edge towards me, tools of strange and horrifying appearance, looking more for torture than anything.

“10, 9, 8, 7-” I didn’t even make it to seven before I blacked out from the white tablet it gave me minutes before.


Waking up in a groggy panic, I felt all over my body. A mix of disappointment and confusion flooded through me as I felt no changes. Not even operating scars. I was in an empty grey room, a large glass window leading to a vast rain forest, a rainwing in the center. The rainwing looked vaguely familiar.

A door opened, and she walked in. This time, she was a sandwing.

“Well, the procedure was a success.”

“What do you mean?! I’m the exact same!”

“You’re the remaining consciousness. That rainwing on the screen in front of you, is well, you.”

If I was understanding her correctly, they took a copy of me, or more, my mind, and put it into that rainwing body. I was just the leftovers.

“Okay, okay. How do I get myself fully into that body?”

“You don’t. While you don’t remember it, both of you did talon, claw, spear, to see who would get which body.”

“Wait. Am I the copy, or is he?” I pointed to me(?) on the strange glass window.

“Both of you are the same mind split in half. You are both not quite copies, but not quite the original either.”

“So I only have a half brain?”

“That’s not how we operate. We don’t scoop brain matter. We digitize, then transfer it over to both vessels.”

I didn’t even understand half of what she just said. She continued on.

“Besides, this isn’t the final result. Just a test to see if you can withstand the full effect of fully transforming into a rainwing. Entering a new body is not an easy experience, even if it’s similar.”

I could tell, see how I was fumbling about in the underbrush, looking at my claws, and feeling my head. Something strange happened, and the window suddenly changed to a wasteland environment, with a rusty red sky, and sun. Instead of a rainwing, a metallic vaguely dragon looking thing was in it’s place. It had a blank face without features or a mouth. The thing was panicking, and did something.

The world turned back to normal.

“Curious. He found the switch sooner than expected.”

“What switch?” She ignored me.

“Of course, we wouldn’t toss you in the real world. This is a simulation.”

“A what?”

“You’ll see...”

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