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(Song-based Story. Song is Nattvasen, by Carbon Based Lifeforms.)

A little nightwing dragonet was playing outside a forest, trees rustling serenely from the gentle breeze. The dragonet was trying to catch dragon flies, and was hopping all over the place with young child joy. As she played, she began to here the strange tinkling of a bell like instrument, a melodic* thump thump thump ding ding.

*As she took pause from her playing, the tiny dragonet began to hear the quiet whispering of dragon, originating from the forest next to her, almost a clean line acting as a border between meadow and tree. However, she wasn’t scared. The voices didn’t sound mean, and they made sounds like of crystalline chimes, resonating within her bones with a lullaby like quality.

Little pinpricks of multihued lights slowly drifted up from the forest underbrush, lazily floating upwards in enchanting manner. They asked questions to the small nightwing dragonet, asking if she wanted to see something beautiful, as unseen things hummed. As she got closer to the beautiful lights, she felt a warm feeling within her chest, that spread, weaving throughout her body like a pleasant comfy blanket.

That nightwing dragonet felt something she hasn’t in a long time; safe. Away from a scary father and a mother who might as well not be there. She took a step into the forest, getting a buzzing feeling, a slight crackle dancing upon her dark purple scales, and down to the tip of her tail.

Once she was fully within the forest, large bushes were behind her, instead of wide open meadow. She didn’t care however. The friendly lights danced over her head like a tiara of rainbows, sparkling about; filling her eyes with unspoken wonder and delight.

They led her through the forest, the trees getting larger and more whimsical as she followed their trail. Creatures of ghostly blues would sprint around just above the ground, their ethereal bodies flowing behind them as they moved, like a waltz in the air.

Little droplets of suspended water would flow about, uncaring of gravity. They would combine with other bits of hovering water, always shifting, gathering and separating. A slight bubble of the water passed through her horn, and it was of refreshing coolness. When it moved on, her horn felt dry once more.

It was wonderful here, beautiful beyond measure, as trees towered above, sturdy trunks bearing the branches that composed the canopy of softly glowing leaves, that shone with colors like of that flying lights. The rays of soft light would drift slowly done, illuminating the forest underbrush, which also held similar gently glowing leaves.

The lights finally led her to a quaint cave entrance, nested securely between several of the gigantic trees that towered up oh so high. The dragonet hesitated slightly, but followed her friends deep into the tunnel network, vines slowly creeping to cover the entrance behind.

It didn’t matter. She was safe here, for these creatures held no ill will or intentions of harm. She found new friends, better than fake ones she had, better than the parents she had. She was home now, deep within these mystical caves, underneath a whimsical forest.


Nightwings scoured every inch of a meadow, and a quaint forest nearby, full of young saplings, searching for trace of a missing daughter. Once the first month passed, the search quietly ended, the girl never found. Stories were spread like rumors over the years, about what happened to the young dragonet.

Asking the nightwing captain, the head of that search party, would only shake his head, murmuring that bringing up such events would cause them to happen once more.

Surprisingly, the parents didn’t particularly care for their missing daughter. It was almost like they forgot she existed, only going glazed eyed when questioned, a confused mess of words an answer.

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