A Collection of Lone Dancer Writings.

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(This was written by request)

You stand at the glass doors of the restaurant, curling your talons in excited anticipation. This is the first dragon sized In n Out opened, and you finally get to try the supposedly legendary cheeseburger and fries. You never had such things before, grilled cow the closest thing you’ve come to a prepared meal. Finally building up the courage, you pull open the door, the aromas of everything hit you. You almost passed out from the sheer amount of *tasty* in the air.

You eagerly get in line, other dragons fidgeting as they wait, some appearing more calm, having been here before. What do you here? You watch the dragons in front, to see what they do. Finally, it’s you turn, and you have a vague idea on what to do. Raising a claw, you awkwardly point to the menu above.

“I would l-like a cheeseburger and fries.” You were nervous, but the skywing on the other side of the stand separating you both only smiled, putting you a bit at ease.

“Coming right up!”

They did a thing on their strange box, and you were told to find a table. You scramble back, finding a comfy pillow padded area to lay on, a table just the right height to lay food and items on from your casual position. Once you were served, this time a sandwing greeting you, you looked at the beautiful steaming piece of food, something you quite never saw before. Being a dragon, you didn’t care for things being hot, and you dug right in, fries crunching, and burger filling.

That single meal probably made you never look at food the same way.

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