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All for a Cookie

Blood flooded down in grotesque waterfalls wrapping around the room. The shackles that restrained and pulled at me were covered in dried crimson. The stone pressed into my spine as daggers were jabbed into my legs. A sandwing priest with scars and tattoos all over was delicately carving me up. Pain beyond measure racked my body, but still I laughed, much to the priest’s frustration. Finally done with me, he pulled out a piece of all too white parchment, flowing black script decorating across the scroll. Jabbing a pen into my mostly broken claws, he rasped angrily.

“Sign here, and if you do, me and my forces will let you roam freely out of here, without attack or harm.”

“The cost?” I spat out, blood along with the words.

“Nothing much. Just transfer you soul to me..” I had to stifle my laughter as I swiftly signed to the priest’s surprise. The parchment glowed vivid gold, which made the sandwing cackle erratically. That is, until the parchment rippled and turned to ashy black dust. The sandwing made to strike me across the face, but his own magic stopped him. I signed after all. He resorted to screaming instead.

“HOW?!” I began full on belly laughing, ignoring the pain through my mirth as the sandwing raged.

“Oh nothing, I just don’t own my soul, and thus can’t give it to you.” Memories flashed back, of Raven, a shy little nightwing dragonet. A bit of a jokester to her friends however. She offered a cookie for my soul, and I found no problem with that deal. That deal probably just saved myself from a fate worse than death.

The priest had to release me from shackles, the rusty blood coated metal groaning away. I continued laughing, raising both my middle claws, cackling as the sandwing face seethed with unhidden animosity.

“Suck it!” Pulling the last remnants of vigor from my body, I began obnoxiously dancing my way out the temple, crude gestures to any guard or priest I saw, the High Priest’s magic preventing them from attacking. They could only bulge their eyes out, which made me laugh harder. Once I left the blood infested temple, I was thrust into the scalding desert.

My body, now drained of its last fractions of energy began to slump down. I died laughing, having one up, having the last laugh on one of the most vile and villainous individuals that ever lived.

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