A Collection of Lone Dancer Writings.

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Let the Game begin

Vine shuddered a bit on the inside as ‘Tod’ shambled by, the nightmarish creation of the fused together dragon corpses. Too many legs gripped the walls and floor, as dragon maws all over the ‘body’ of Tod snapped open and shut, a click clacking cacophony.

Tod continued their gaited pace, down the hallways that thrummed with seeming heartbeats. Vine shook her head, trying to quiet the voices within. She finally braved to continue on, and to the door made from inky shadow, pushing it open on silent hinges.

An all too familiar dragon greeted her. GameShow was many times larger than her, looking to be a mix of seawing and nightwing, orange and blue lines all over him, glowing with neon light, alternating so blue became orange and orange became blue. It was nigh hypnotic, and Vine had to refocus herself to not get lost within it.

However, Vine knew the truth. GameShow was most definitely not a dragon from Pyrrhia, or Pantala, or anywhere else on the planet she called home. The draconic entity just arrived one day in her home, bring death and deals as he roamed. Vine was one of the ‘lucky’ few who accepted one his cursed deals. She became his Secretary, a position that came with benefits, and downsides.

What Vine hated most, was the voices. GameShow granted twisted immortality to all his Secretaries. With every new incarnation of that position, would all the previous ones flood the mind of the current one, offering ‘advice’ and memories. But they would never quite shut up.

Too many races, too many kinds, all roaming around in her head, so many past lives she didn’t live, yet almost convinced she has. GameShow coughed, drawing her attention back to him. He was sipping tea delicately from an all too tiny teacup, made from crafted marble bone. Once he finished his drink, he turned to fully face Vine. The meek mudwing stood to attention.

“Well, Miss Vine, it appears that it is time. Now, would you like to do the honors?” GameShow waved a claw, a wooden lever pushing itself from the dark metallic floor. Vine knew exactly what pulling this lever would, so many lives altered permanently if she did. Still, she walked forward to it, wrapping her right claws around the wooden shaft.

Vine hesitated for a second, the voices growing loud, excited. Steeling herself, and sadly whispering an “I’m sorry,” she yanked the lever down. She looked back, GameShow nodding in approval. The giant open window no longer revealed her home world, and instead, it bore her witness to an amalgamation of two planets. She’d rather not know how many lives she just ended by pulling that lever...

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