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Shard and Nur: 2

The blizzard storm winds howled, blowing snow across Shard’s and my face. Except unlike Shard, I didn’t feel the cold. Didn’t feel much of anything nowadays. My perspective bounced up and down, as Shard moved, my ‘face’ swinging from his neck.

However, it didn’t make me dizzy, or anything like that. It’s been standard procedure these past few months. Shard grunted as he walked up a particularly steep snow hill, that was iced over in the cold. Mmm. I should increase his exercise regime. Can’t have my protege be getting weak on me.Shard was an interesting student. It’s not often I teach dragons the magical arts. My mood turned a tad sour, as I was reminded of Silvermist. My first pupil. And his rather unpleasant death. Sadly, if you push magic too much, it pushes back. And he learned that lesson, fatally. It’s be millennia since then. I really am old.

My vision shook again as Shard tumbled down the hill, sky and frozen ground whirling by and by. Finally, Shard corrected himself, and stood up, albeit on shaky legs. It’s only been a week of constant marathon, stopping for little rest and sleep. Was good for him. I’ve already been seeing improvements, despite how much he curses my name. Yet, he still does the exercises. I could push him for another day, before allowing him true rest. Poor thing was too tired to even fly. That, and the metal weights I made him put on his legs and tail. Although, he hasn’t noticed, I increased the weight a tad bit every day. His dragon biology could take it. While he may call me a sadistic teacher, I merely hold to high standards. He’s already shown himself to be quite impressive in dedication. Dedication is needed to learned even a moderate level of what I can teach.

Also, it’s been fun hearing the increasingly creative insults against me and my family’s name. Push a dragon to beyond their max and their ability to swear becomes quite impressive. Shard was gasping for breath in the frigid air, like a drowning man. However, he stopped when he heard the flapping of wings. A female looking icewing landed down in front of us, looking over Shard worriedly.

“Oh my three moons are you okay? Why do you have- are those metal weights? Were you a prisoner? Oh my, you look so tired!” The icewing nervously chattered. From what I have gathered over my many years here, this was quite unusual behavior.

“I’m pant, fine pant," Shard wheezed out, giving an awkward wave with his weighed down foreleg. Ahhh, if it was not for me drilling in the habit of cycling energy within himself, he would likely be on the ground, a quivering mess.

“Uh, you don’t look so good. I should go get help!” The other icewing was wringing her talons. Peculiar. Her eyes finally glanced upon me. “Wait, what’s that on your neck?" Shard paused for a moment, before waving it off as a gift from his mentor.

Which was the truth. I’ve been teaching him the art of never telling a lie, but yet being able to mislead. It’s a good habit to get into to protect yourself from truthtellers and the such. Because despite what they want you to believe, then can only sense lies, not rephrased truths.

Still, she looked suspicious. Ah well. Shard sighed, as she rattled on about calling for help. “I’m truly sorry about this Miss, but I can’t let my location escape.” That made her stiffen up, fear in her eyes. Shard raised his claws at her, muttering another apology. A meaty thunk later, and she was out cold. Well, that was going to hurt in the morning.

Not my problem. Hopefully she’ll forget about this encounter as well. A decent sized sphere of solid ice laid beside her head. It was perfectly smooth and clear, though had slight cracks from the impact.

Onwards we go, my apprentice! I didn’t say you could stop moving!

Shard groaned. “I hate you so much”

Oh, you know you love me

Shard started walking back into the blizzard again, muttering about sentient masks and how they are an attack against dragon kind. I merely laughed. Onwards we go!

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