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Shard and Nur: 3

Ah, nothing like the fresh winter air of a mountain summit in the icelands. Shard was panting. While the the scuffed metal weights on his legs didn’t look that heavy, they were at the point that another dragon trying to lift would snap their arms in half. Mmm, using Astra to push yourself past your biological limits into the realm beyond. Shard coughed out cold vapor, hissing through his teeth as he tried to catch his breath.

Made him climb the entire mountain, which I’m sure he utterly enjoyed. I said it was perfectly fine for him to fly up, but the extreme weight he was carrying was too much to lift. So up he went scrambling up the mountain, jabbing claw into hard stone, and pushing himself every higher.

All the while cursing my name and about dropping me in a volcano, and to be just rid of me. I loved how much he cared for me! Other students on several occasions tried to break me several times by bashing a rock into my face, while Shard only did that once! In the end, it was the rock that broke, not me, which ended his vent. I focused myself back to the main event, instead of fondly reminiscing.

Alrighty my wonderful apprentice, are you ready for this?

“No" Shard wheezed out. Wonderful, let’s commence!

Shard spat a series of expletives. Some in languages beyond Draconic. I knew giving him that lingual stone was a great idea, he used it to lovely effect.

Okay, move to center of summit While he groaned and kept cursing my name, he moved. He collapsed after he reached what I deemed to be the center. He closed his eyes, trying to rest. He was up for two weeks straight, this time. Always moving. I squeezed every bit that I could, abusing the fact he needed less and less sleep to function as he improved himself.

It was good conditioning as well. While he may despise me, I am giving him some of the best training and improvements that you could ask for, practically for free. There are people who would kill their own parents and sell their life savings to learn from me.

“Now what?" Shard muttered.

That’s the attitude! Well, we are going to do the first Cleanse!

“How much is it going to hurt?" Shard asked wearily.

Pain beyond what you can imagine!


That’s the spirit! And look on the brightside, you’ll likely blackout within the first few seconds. Of course, that’s actually incredibly inefficient, so I need you to stay awake the full 15 minutes.

“Lovely. Alright, let’s get it over with...”

Just gotta drink this;

I conjured up a bowl filled with a frothing dark green liquid, with a pungent aroma. Shard’s face wrinkled, but he grudgingly gulped it down, numb to the taste. Ah, but I knew this was one of the most foul tasting things I fed him. While pampered nobles may use strawberry tasting one, this concoction was filled to the brim with potent herbs and alchemy.

Once the last dropped was drunk, Shard wiped off his snout with his claw. The he started seizing up. The next 15 minutes were quite unpleasant for both me and him, for while he oozed black bile from every orifice and from between his scales, and I had to blast water to keep cleaning him off. And to keep him awake, though you could see his eyes wanting to roll up into his head.

Finally, it was done, and Shard stood up on shaking legs. Bubbling black ooze was in a ring around, sizzling on the snow. Shard was as thin as a stick now. But he didn’t look sickly, in fact, quite the opposite. That’s my protege!

“I hate you, I hate everything you stand for, and I renounce magic entirely. What’s the next thing I have to do." Shard stated. I couldn’t help but chuckle evilly.

Oh, don’t worry, your likely going to love this.

“Doubtful, knowing you.”

I’m almost sad and offended.

“You never are”

I’m wounded, my good sir, I really am

Shard sighed. “What’s the next step. I feel great, which I hate, since it means you were right.” I started to explain further, and Shard merely sighed again, and nodded his head. And off we go!

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