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Shard and Nur: Jackal Interlude

Jackal was merely resting at his stall, when the normally loud din of the marketplace quieted momentarily. A strange looking icewing just entered through the gates, his scales scuffed, and scars decorated his body. He had many satchels attached to random parts of his body, mainly his torso, though some were on his forelegs Around his neck was a strange red oval, with two sapphires and what Jackal could only call a smile. What made the icewing stand out the most was the sheer presence he had. While he looked exhausted, he exuded a dangerous sense about him. Jackal felt a shiver go up his spine when he tired looked around, barely having eye contact with him. He seemed to notice the other’s dragons states, appeared confused, realized something, and the presence immediately faded away.

Jackal felt like he could breathe again. The icewing now just looked weary, but a slight relieved smile was on his face. Business returned as usual, dragons putting the strange icewing out of mind now. However, Jackal couldn’t, as the icewing was approaching his stall. Once he arrived, he looked over the menu with a glance, before turning his attention to Jackal.

“So it says here you will grill meat? Is that correct?” The icewing asked, looking hopeful. Jackal nodded, unable to find his words. Something about the icewing was just plain intimidating, and he didn’t even seem to be trying. Still, he was put a bit to ease when the icewing flashed a friendly smile. In fact, he looked a bit uncomfortable with the dragons around. He muttered something crowds and noise, before looking back at Jackal.

“Well that’s wonderful. Now I would grill this all myself, but I have quite a large quantity of meat to get done.” From one of the smaller pouches, he began pulling out a slab of meat that way too large to fit in such a small container, and slapped it down onto the wooden table that separated them. It landed down with a fleshy thunk. Then he pulled out another equally large piece, and another, and another.

Soon a respectable mountain of meat was resting atop the wooden table, and it was starting to groan. Jackal’s eyes could barely believe themselves. Right beside all the meat was a small pile of jewels as payment. Jackal felt like his grill pit was a tad inadequate for all this meat. It was fresh as well, showed by the juices dribbling down as well. He had no idea what creature this could of come from, and he didn’t feel like asking.

So he gritted his teeth, and through a process that took an hour, everything was grilled, salted, and packed away into another small pouch that shouldn’t be able to fit even a third of a single meat slab, let alone the mountain that was roasted. Other dragons were around, the smell wafting about to draw in others. All that was remaining was a few slabs that the icewing swiftly and expertly cut into smaller chunks. He then stabbed then on a sharpened stick, and began eating off that, the juices dribbling off his chin.

He ate all three slabs this way, and didn’t even looked stuffed. Jackal has seen mudwings eat less and get bloated, yet this strange icewing was still lean. He burped, uncaring about any manners of politeness.

“Ah, that hit the spot. Nothing like a good marathon to get the appetite built up.” The icewing seemed quite content. He thanked Jackal once again, and wandered off, leaving Jackal there still somewhat stunned. He shook his head, excited to tell his wife, Petal, about the strange icewing he just met. The icewing also left a single slab as payment, and Petal could turn that into a feast and a half.

Merrily, he set the sign as Now Closed, and packed stuff away, neatly wrapping up the meat, and delicately it carrying to home, to his wonderful leafwing wife. Someone stepped on his tail, barely missing his barb, and he sternly told off at the young skywing ruffian that did so, before shaking his head wearily. He just couldn’t be home fast enough.

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