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Shard and Nur: 4

For Shard, the days passed by in a blur, weaving into others. Nur always giving him something to do, having him always be busy. His entire body ached, but still he moved. Nur managed to make muscles sore, Shard didn’t even know existed. Nur was one extremely brutal teacher. Still, he was extremely effective. Comparing his current self to his old one felt weird. For one, his pain tolerance increased by a thousandfold. Nur did not shy away from using pain to teach. In fact, Shard was pretty sure that Nur actively seeked out painful teaching methods.

Shard was pushed far beyond what he thought his breaking point was. His mind and body were both assaulted, broken down, and built back up again, stronger than before. He lifted his right forearm. Around his wrist was a weight. He was convinced Nur made it heavier every day, because no matter how strong he got, it always felt like he could barely move his limbs. Because Nur made him wear one on each leg, and on his tail. He hasn’t flied in ages, because of how weighed down he was. He missed flying. All he could do was a weak hover, that barely brought him above the ground.

Shard was currently collecting firewood, chopping down trees by just punching them. It was cathartic. Once he collected enough, he used a vine to bundle them all up, and began dragging them through the snowy ground. When he reached their current campsite, he pulled out an axe from one of his many small satchels. The bags of holding, a gift he got from from Nur, and an actual useful one at that. The axe he made himself. It was crude, but effective. The wooden handle wrapped around a jagged piece of ice.

Shard thought back to the time he slowly shaped this into being. He couldn’t but smile from the fond memory. Using said axe. he stripped the trees, and chopped them up. He tossed the smaller pieces into the dying fire, slowly bringing back to a roaring flare. Somehow, Nur found an area that was too cold for even an Icewing like him. He could feel himself defrosting already, no longer as stiff and numb.

Honestly, he was so tired. It’s been nonstop go go go with Nur. Which was why he couldn’t believe the next words Nur spoke.

.Alright, we are going to be taking a break for a month.

Shard felt his jaw dropped, his mind spinning. He couldn’t process such a statement. He open and closed his mouth several times, but never saying anything.

He felt the constant weight of the unknown metal cuffs he wore, just disappear. Looking down, he found them laying on the ground, open. He was so light now, Shard was concerned he was just going to float away, like a mote of dust in a ray of sunlight.

A break. He’s has a break, for a whole month. He didn’t know what he was going to do with all this time. What could he even do? Certainly a lot more than his old self could.

I mean, it’s only fair as you’ve been training for a year and a half straight.

Shard’s mind halted yet again. He’s lost track of all sense of time, he wasn’t aware that it’s been this long. Days raced through his head, memories of all sorts of exercises, exams, and so much more. A year and a half, removed from all other dragon contact, except for one visit to a nearby settlement. He fondly remembered that place.

Shard decided to take a step, and proceeded to shoot forward, crashing and tumbling into the snow. When he pushed himself up, he launched himself into the air. Flapping his wings to stabilize himself, he shot up even further. Due to the constant weight, he forgot that he actually increased in strength by a large margin.

He focused his mind on inner energies that worked in the background, having forgot their existence sometimes. Astra. Strands of golden energy weaved and threaded themselves throughout his body. The secret Nur taught him, what pushed him beyond dragon biological limits.

He decided to fly around. He missed it, so much. And after a little bit getting used to it, shooting around at high speeds is fun. He whooped. Today was a good day.

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