The New World

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At one point in time, vampires lived in covens, werewolves in packs and witches with families, and not once, EVER, did in breeding dare happen within these super naturals for the balance could very well shift. What if I told you, that was no longer the case, that inbreeding had happened once, and therefore, the super natural world now had a King and Queen to overrule it, when it never had happened in all the ages. What we knew in our world doesn’t apply to this new world that we have now entered. There are four super natural species, demons now have come into the picture, and they can possess other super naturals; something no one ever knew of. And now it’s up to Grayson and Fire, the new and appointed King and Queen to protect the world of vampires, wolves and witches; along, of course, with a set of twins, Prince Rayne and Princess Rosemina, heirs to the throne. But what was a simple prophecy to protect their new world, is slowly showcasing there is so much more that wasn’t known; after all, for every one side of a coin, there is another. And that bit of information is something no one dared to think of. It’s up to this new King and Queen to protect, to fight to lead, and NOT to fall into the hands of those who would destroy them. But that is much easier stated, then done, especially with the war now looming on their very doorstep. What could only happen in this new

Fantasy / Drama
Theresa Lambe
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Chapter 1 – Rayne and Rosemina

Pain. That’s what I woke up this morning. Immense pain was shooting down my body, so much so that I wanted to cry; never having felt anything like this before. But I couldn’t tell if it was from me, from Grayson, or from both. After all, he was lying next to me, still as death. Okay, yeah, maybe that was my fault, so what? Hello, this fucking pain was from me pushing out not one, but two fucking pups…half pups and half vampires. So what if I happened to have punched him and so what if it was a little too hard?

“Well, you knocked him out cold Fire. Are you going to be okay? Every wolf I know of has had their mate with them to help.” I narrowed my eyes at Dylan who quickly back up.

“This fucking hurts Dylan and he was pushing the wrong buttons. Vampires don’t….do….ohhhh!” I cried out as another wave crashed over me.

Last night, I had stayed with Grayson as we tried to figure out where to live. The pack was no longer his, or at least on the verge of no longer being his and my coven was no longer mine as all the Gods told us we were now a ruling family over all super naturals. Which, of course meant, no longer living in our normal homes and trying to find somewhere else to live; still trying to wrap my mind around that shit. But that was why we were raised by those crazy three people. We would be the three sides of a pyramid that would protect the super natural world from the upcoming war. As if that made sense, right? Guess in a way it did. We were well versed in the ways of all super naturals so we knew how to protect.

Yeah, those demons. Every day they grew stronger in some regards. Although we were still struggling to figure out how and why; that was an answer that was eluding us.

I let out a breath as the wave passed and looked down at my unconscious mate. When we had awoken this morning, I started feeling the pain. And as it increased, so did Grayson’s worry. His sweet charm, though, and the constant ’you’ll be okay” didn’t fly for me and I put all my anger on him. I didn’t really mean to knock him out so cold, but I had. And now I was stuck battling all of this on my own. Perhaps not my wisest choice, but at the moment in time, it felt really good.

Sure, Judith had called for help but I was still a leech she didn’t care for, daughter in law and queen to her or not. Still, wasn’t quite sure what doctor could help me out as this was past normal. And sadly, the Gods only had limited amounts of time they could be on Earth, which means I had no help from them. What horse shit right? This was their gift they said. Well, maybe not a gift. But this was the whole God damn prophecy. Now what I wanted, but what I was given.

I groaned and tried breathing through the pain, but this wasn’t something normal for me. In fact, this really had all the Gods doing so you would think they would be kind enough to take the pain away, right? I let out another string of curses as a doctor finally came in and checked me over. Odd, the pack doctor was male; I had a male looking after me.

“I know you are worried Fire.” I raised my eyebrow at that. “But, usually at these times, your mate would help you.” I pursed my lips and we both turned and looked at the man on the floor. “Yeah, that might cause a slight problem.” I knew what he mean, a mate was there to help take away the pain. It was the bond that allowed that. And yet….again, he was on the floor.

“And….I….can’t….take…anything,” I managed to groan out through these waves of pain.

“Well, I can’t say I have delivered vampire babies, but I would say you are fine and probably shouldn’t take anything anyway.” I had to laugh at that; no one had delivered vampire babies. Well, except one ages ago. And speaking of, where were those witches? They could be helping me with this. I closed my eyes as I felt another wave come on.

“No one has,” I bit out. He grinned and then looked at me once more.

“Okay, you are actually doing great. And if you can give me…” I looked up as he paused, my eyes falling on two ladies.

“Let us take over doctor, we might have done this before,” Celeste said, glancing from him to me and I nodded. No, it wasn’t strange; the thought of the woman who helped birthed me birthing my children.

“I thank you for your help,” I whimpered, biting back another string of cruses. I turned my head as I heard groaning and saw Jameson helping Grayson up, who glared at me as he came to.

“You didn’t have to do that,” he said as he rubbed his head.

“I did. But…” I stopped as a scream over took me and Grayson quickly came to my side and took my head, both Celeste and Claudette watching me.

“We know this is highly unusual, but you are doing great. The head is poking through. With the next wave, push and Celeste will help you push more.” I wrinkled my brow but started pushing as the next contraction hit. I squeezed Grayson’s hand but soon felt something fluttering over my skin and before I know, the first little one popped out.

“You have a son,” Jameson said, holding him up to see. We both grinned and Grayson cut the cord before Jameson took the little one to clean.

“Give me one more good push, Fire.” I nodded my head at Claudette and gave one more solid push, once again feeling the fluttering over me. I smiled as Claudette showed us a little girl and fell back on the bed.

“You did great,” Grayson whispered as he kissed my forehead. I reached up and lightly touched his head.

“You got a mean ol’ scratch.”

“My wife has some great force.” I grinned and sat up as the babies came over, Grayson taking the little man and I took the little girl.

“D you have names?” I looked up at Grayson as he smiled at me before answering Jameson’s question.

“This little man is Rayne and that little heart breaker is Rosemina.”

“Two beautiful names. And perfect timing.” I brushed my fingers over the babies head before looking up at Celeste.

“What do you mean?”

“Your coronation, it’s coming up. And they will be crowned too,” she said, nodding at the babies. “So, they will get to meet their grandparents. And there maybe a couple more things to discuss.” The last time I talked to those three Gods, we were left with this bomb shell. What else could they give us?

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