Talking to the moon

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Do you wonder how life would be like if everything bad that can happen to you happened within a second? Many say that life is a gift that is meant to be treasured. But everyone has doubts right? Decisions made wrong and people that we had hurt does not really go with shout that we treasure life . Yet we take it for granted . I am going to warn you my life is no fairytale and I nor am a perfect human . Just someone who tries to live everyday life looking for that something to live for . But who knew that something came looking for me . My name is Skylla Celina Dayna and this is how my life had turned over.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

skylla pov

As I roll down the window. The wind gently caresses my face. I sigh and think about my life so far I am utterly completely lost. Not lost as in I do not know where I am, I am lost in the sense I don't know what to do with life.

Currently I am driving into the state California. I do not know why I am here but just listening to where my gut was leading to. I can feel the humid air entering into my range rover. As I silently soak in the rich surrounding through my ray ban glasses. While I turn into the petrol station. I felt slightly peckish and thirsty. So I entered into the dainty little shop. Once I walked up to the counter I am faced with boy a same age as me give or take 2 years.
"That will be 6$ mam" replied the boy in a very monotone.
I pushed my glasses up onto my head and began the search for 6$. With which I had paid with a 10$ note.
"Here you go" I replied
In which the boy had realised that I am not from around here
"So where are you from then?" he asked curiously
"From England" I replied with a clipped tone.
Which he had guessed I wasn't up for a friendly chat. So continued on packing my stuff in a plastic bag. He kept on peeking at me through his lashes.

'Poor boy' his life has come down to flirt with his customers . I wouldn't say I was the prettiest girl on the planet. And I wouldn't say I was not that good-looking. I am comfortable with my looks and weight. Even though he had tried flirting with me I did not take it in mind and once he gave the receipt dashed out of the store with little bell above the door ringing signalling my leave . I was going to crumple up the receipt when I realised there was writing on the back. With a shake of my head I had crumpled the paper and thrown it away and got into my car.

While driving into the town I had realised how lively it was with people minding their own business and full of people who not afraid to themselves. I cringed at thought how I am going to stick out like a sore foot. I tend to keep to myself as I never stay in one place always moving so it was easier not attract people and make friends as it becomes demanding to try and keep in contact as I never know when I can call someone or email them when I move around a lot . I know it tends to get lonely but when life is so confusing .

You try not to make things worse you would avoid bringing people in which was what I am doing .
Driving down my street and parking my range rover in the driveway I had finally laid my eyes upon my house and what beauty it was. It was two storey house and I loved it when I had come to have a look at it first I literally fallen in love. It give a home cosy vibe with a great view of a forest in the garden which had already had my curious eye twitch to be explored. But I am waiting till I have settled down and unpacked , find a job and then I will go and explore the forest with all my heart's desire .I shake this hazy daze and sigh and set out to unpack.

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