Her New World

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Chapter 5 - Hello

It was midday when he woke. After she had moved him and checked his wound he quickly fell asleep again. She was almost thankful as it gave her time to review her current situation. She clearly was still very lost. She was currently with an injured individual who casually toted a sword and was dressed and geared as if it was the middle ages. In addition it appeared as if said individual did not speak a lick of English.

She watched him yawn lazily and slowly stretch his arms up and again she was reminded of a cat - his movement were fluid and purposeful. She had decided she would help him get to where he needed to go. She had figured it was a win-win situation. One: he would need help given his current state and two: he would lead her back to civilization and there she would be able to find a phone or some form of communication to contact home. Maybe if he had a computer she could use a translation app to explain her situation.

She saw him look her way again. His eyes seemed lazy from his sleep but still his unbashful stare made her shift uncomfortably.

“Cho dan woo. Chu yung so?” he said.

Remy didn’t know what to say. She had no guesses of what that sentence was, though, she suspected it was a question.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying,” she said while raising her hands fruitlessly.


She figured that meant he got her message. It didn’t stop him from continuing the conversation, though, instead of speaking directly to her - he more spoke to the ground or more likely to himself.

She was surprise when he suddenly made a motion to stand. She hurried to help him but he put his hand out to stop her. She paused and watching him bring his sword and braced a hand against the tree. Using the aid of the trunk as he stood, he tied his robed closed and tucked his sword into his belt. Remy thought she saw pain flit across his face but she couldn’t be sure.

He bent to reach for his bag but this time Remy motioned for him to stop. She scooped up his bag and threw it over her shoulder and before even checking to see if he was displeased she gathered up her medical bag. She turned to face him with both bags slung over her back and again was met with a penetrating stare. She felt her cheeks begin to flush but this time she didn’t avert her eyes. She met his look with confidence. She was going to carry his bag for him - if he was okay with it that than it meant he was most surely willing let her follow him.

They stood for a moment longer then finally he turned without a word and made his way into the trees. She guessed that was as good as a ‘were cool’ as she was going to get.

The forest was humid. The air felt thick and moist and stuck in her nose when she tried to inhale. She was sweating profusely even though they were walking at a fairly slow pace. Her buttoned shirt stuck to her chest and she had finally given in to unbuttoning it exposing her undershirt. It was a bit revealing considering it was only a white tank top but her companion hadn’t looked back since they had begun their journey a few hours ago so she figured she was pretty safe.

Her short bangs clung to her forehead and she wiped her brow with the back of her hand. Now that she was in the trees she had a better look at the foliage. It was most definitely tropical looking. She recognized bamboo but nothing else. Manny bushes had large wide leaves. The humidity alone pretty much confirmed that she was no longer in her temperate zone. How in the hell did she get here? How had that knife transported her across such a huge distant?

Her thoughts didn’t wander for long. The forest broke open to a wide path of short grass. The humidity lessened slightly and a small breeze swept past her carrying the wind down along the path in front of them. She noticed that the ground was worn in two parallel tracks - they were on a road! Well, not a constructed road - but a clearly a road created by a constant flux of traffic. It was the first sign of actual civilization and to that Remy couldn’t help but to feel a pang of hope and happiness.

Her male companion turned to their right, which Remy figure was North-east-ish according to the sun. He began to walk again and she followed in tow. She knew it must be painful for him to move this much and had hoped they would take a break soon - he would need to rest up. But to her amazement he kept his pace and his posture wasn’t slouched like a man in pain. Instead he stood tall and moved, though slowly, with the same graceful and cat-like manner she had noticed earlier. What was this guy made of? Maybe he was a professional survivalist - but to function with that much pain regardless of how fast he healed would take a heck of a lot of will power. He was very fit - maybe he was a guy who was into extreme sports and was used to getting hurt often.

She watched his long black hair swing softly as she walked. Boy, was she going to have a story when she got back - Yes, I was rescued by Tarzan. Very tall, very fit, very handsome Tarzan. She laughed out loud at the thought and quickly covered her mouth to stifle it. She checked to see if he had heard. Thankfully, he walked on.

About an hour past before she heard the sound. A rumbling noise, like something scrapping a long the dirt. It was coming from behind them. Remy turned to looked and couldn’t help but stop in awe as a full-blown wagon came round the curve in the road they just rounded. It was pulled by too large horses with wide hooves and thick legs. Their heads bobbed rhythmically tossing their manes about.

Remy felt something tugged on the back of her shirt. It was her companion. He was motioning her to stand to the side of the road - off the worn path. She obliged. Remy couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed. The wagon the horses pulled was loaded with burlap sacks and wooden crates. She could see that they held a variety of bright coloured squashed and other vegetables. The wagon looked well used and the wheels were make of seasoned wood. She looked up at the driver who called to his horses pulled the reigns to bring them to a stop.

The man wore short pants that came just past his knees and a wide sleeved shirt. On his head he wore a large hat made of woven stems. He grinned widely at them, his face plumb and kind. His smile didn’t seem to last. He face quickly went to an obvious state of confusion and he blinked twice doing a double take a Remy. He then shifted his gaze to her companion.

“Hisao!” he said, “hyeol-eun ibnikka? Dangsin sang cheo?”

Remy watched the two man exchange words. She wasn’t entirely sure what was being said but the two of them appeared to know each other. At first she guessed there was concern in the driver’s voice but her companion responded in a way that calmed him down. She watched the driver shoot her several nervous looks as the two of them conversed. Finally, it ended in her companion walking around the back of the wagon and motioning her to follow.

The crates only filled part of the wagon leaving an room along the tail end. Her companion climb aboard, albeit slowly, then patted a spot beside him. Remy climbed on along side and as soon as her feet left the ground the driver whipped the horses into motion.

It wasn’t long after they got moving that Remy felt something brush her arm. The sudden contact made her jumped and recoil slightly. Her companion had taken it upon himself to remove his pack from her shoulder. Remy hadn’t realized that she still hadn’t set down her bags. She quickly removed her medical bag from her other side. The relief from the weight made her sigh audibly. She felt a wave of exhaustion sweep over her and her limbs felt heavy and awkward. Her fatigue was evident and it had been more than two days since she had last eaten. She was hungry.

It was as if her companion had read her mind. In front of her appeared a piece of bread and in it was stuffed a large piece of cheese.

“Chi,” he said.

Remy took the bread and took a big bite. Bread had never tasted so damn good. She watched her companion call to the driver and she figured he was offering lunch to him too. The driver refused and together she and her companion ate in silence.

When she was done she dusted her hand together wiping of the excess crumbs. She had felt his stare again and tired to ignore it. She watched the road rolled past. It hypnotically folded out from under that moving wagon. But it wasn’t enough - finally, in disgruntled failure, she raised her head to meet his gaze.

He took his hand and place it on his chest and said, “Hisao.”

Next he pointed to the bread his was holding and said, “Pan.”

Then he pointed to the cheese in the bread and said, “chijeu.”

He was teaching her his language. Remy nodded and responded. She followed the lesson starting with the cheese.

“Chijeu. Pan. Hisao,” she pointed to each in turn. His name was Hisao. Remy smiled. Hisao. She took the opportunity and added to the list. She pointed to herself and said, “Remy”

Was that a look of disgust or confusion? It only last seconds but his brows furrowed slightly and she watched him struggle to form the sound with his lips, “Rem-ee?”

“Ani. Ani. Ani,” he shook his head, “geu sonyeon itum bida? Dangsin bayo, sonyeon ani? .”

Remy could see the ever elusive hint of confusion flit across his face. He starred at her again.

“Remy?” he said to confirm. She nodded. His eyes went to her short hair then to her face then to her chest. They lingered there with some finality. Was he looking at her boobs?

“HEY!” Remy shouted and wrapped her arms around her front blocking her chest from his view.

“Wo nanun saen handa…” muttered Hisao. Remy expected him to show some signs of embarrassment but he was as cool as a cucumber. He went back to looking out toward the road and munched on his bread and cheese. Remy could feel that both her cheeks and her ears emanated a decent amount of warmth.

After a moment he said in a calm and relaxed tone, “Ta dekigon soona, Remy.”

His words and tone were cooling and her flustered state subsided. Though she had no idea what he had said she felt in her heart that the proper response would be: it’s nice to meet you too, Hisao.

Hey guys! Alright - this is my first original fiction. I hope you've enjoyed it so far. I would love to hear your feedback and reviews so please let me know how you like it!

I'm planning to post every Monday and Friday - so stay tuned, folks. There is more to come! ;)
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