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Out of Time

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Emma was well, normal, average, and anything else with the same meanings in the dictionary. And then she got sent 400 years to the past. Oh, who was she kidding. Lady luuuuck! *cry*

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Emma sighed in boredom while looking at the scenery outside her classroom. It’s a nice day, the sun is shining but not too bright yet not dull either, some of the clouds are blocking the sun yet never truly block it. Emma grimaced at the word normal that came to her mind.

Normal is everything that describes her, her hair is the exact shade of black, just like all other people and her eyes also has the color that most people had, dark brown. She’s not too thin and not too fat, she isn’t short but she isn’t exactly what people would call tall, her face is not pretty or beautiful but it isn’t below average either.

The only thing that isn’t normal about her is her brain, she’s smarter than average and that’s why she’s so proud of her grades. She sighed again and stops looking at the scenery outside, instead, she started to pay attention to the teacher more so that she wouldn’t get scolded.

But even if she’s smart, never have she had a friend that didn’t have a hidden agenda when they were trying to get close to her. Many times she was betrayed, many times she was used, until she could no longer take it and decided that being alone is the best thing to do.

And thus the reason as to why she is called Loner Emma (she still didn’t like that nickname.)

(But then again, what can she do about it.)

She looked at her watch and sighed again (She’s been doing that a lot lately, and she can’t even deny that it was already a habit) she still have to wait for another fifteen minutes until she could go home, she suppressed another sigh that threatened to came out and wait.


What’s that? It’s cold, why is it so cold? Where... Where is this?


It’s that sound again, she frown. How could she know that she’s frowning? Everything is confusing yet calming, frightening yet comforting, everything is contradicting, she need to go back, her parent are waiting for her at home.

Are they? She didn’t know, is she even alive? Or she never actually did live, is it a dream or is it real. What did happen to her? She only remembers walking to her home, so what happens? She tried to remember, and a flash of images came to her mind.

Emma was walking on the street toward her home before she met an old lady holding many grocery bags that contain fruits and other necessities that is necessary for living; she looked like she’s struggling.

Emma, being the girl who could never saw someone suffering (especially and old lady who looked so frail), decided to help and brought the grocery bags to the old lady’s home. It’s pretty far; it surprises her when she realizes that the old lady house is a little bit deep in the forest that is nearby to her town.

She’s a little bit uncomfortable, but she can’t just leave the old lady alone, so she keep going and goes further into the forest until she saw a little house and stopped right in front of it, while the old lady opened the door and came inside, she followed her.

After putting all the groceries, she nods at the old lady and smile when she said thank you. When she’s about to step outside though, the old lady stopped her and looked at her in the eyes. Gone were the images of a frail old lady, because what she sees in those eyes are firm determination and strong will.

“When you goes outside, don’t turn right no matter what you see or hear, walk straight.” She said with her already trembling voice.

Emma nod, before quickly walk outside the house, didn’t want to spend another minute with the strange old lady. While she was walking in the forest, her head keep saying walk straight, walk straight, over and over again, as if it knew that if she ignored the old lady’s warning, something will happen to her (or she’s just overly paranoid.)

But when she was half through the forest entrance, there was a sound of leaves rustling and she could saw the bushes on her left shaking. Then she heard a strange sound, moving on impulse, she ran as far away as possible from the bushes, which mean she run to her right.

She didn’t saw the cliff that was right in front of her.

So she fell.

And everything turns black.

Ah... So that what happens. So, what now? Before she could think about it any further, she feels something (or someone, at this point of time she didn’t really care) grab her hand and pulled her towards something, somewhere...

And she let it be.

“Is she okay?” A voice she didn’t recognize said.

Who? Wait, where am I? Where is this? She thought, a little bit panicking but she pushed it aside, panicking at a time like this is a stupid thing to do, so she tried to move, and groan. The beginnings of a menacing headache creeping at the edges of her sensation.

She felt a cold hand on her forehead, unconsciously she lean closer. She heard a chuckle of amusement. She tried to open her eyes, but only manage to squint because the bright lights are painful for her eyes.

But, she manage to take a glimpse of the one whose hand are on her forehead, she saw unfamiliar face of an adult man with unruly brown hair and a pair of kind and gentle amber eyes before closing her eyes again.

“She’ll be fine, just a little bit feverish for the next few days.” Another unfamiliar voice said.

“Ah, so that’s why her temperature is unusually high...”

“Yes, so it would be better if we—” then she drift away to dreamless sleep.

The next time Emma woke up, she look around and notice that this isn’t her room. Reason? First, it was too big and too grandiose to be hers. Second, she’s pretty much sure that her bed isn’t this large and full of frills before.

Then realization hit and for a second, she panicked. Then she suppressed her panicked side in order to think calmly. She do remember of falling, she kind of wondering as to how she survived.

She snapped out of it when she heard the sound of door opening, she looked up and saw an unfamiliar face of an adult man with unruly brown hair and a pair of kind and gentle amber eyes. She remember that guy, he’s the one that was talking around her yesterday.

He smiled at her when he see her already awake. “Hello, how are you feeling?” He said with genuine concern in his tone.

“... Fine.” Emma said.

“Good, I thought you wouldn’t wake up today since your fevers are pretty high yesterday.”

She ignored him because, it was then that she realize her clothes are different, it wasn’t the school uniform she wear before, it was a heavy gown that supposed to be exist like, hundred years ago, and here she wonder as to why breathing seems to be much more difficult lately.

She’s wearing a corset.

A bloody corset.

What the fuck?!

She looked at the guy with flat expression, and somehow, as if he knows what she is thinking he looked at her with sheepish expression.

“I’m sorry about your clothes, it’s just that... When I found you, you was wet and I have to change your clothes since I don’t want you to get sick and—” He stopped at seeing her darkened expression, wondering as to why she looks angry, he thought about what he said to her a moment before.



His face turns to a darker shade of red. “Ah! Don’t worry about it, I’m-i’m not th-the one that cha-change your clothes!” He stuttered out with embarrassment clearly heard in his voice.

She couldn’t help it, but she chuckled lightly, well, since his intention is good, there’s nothing wrong from expressing her gratitude, right? Right.

“Thank you... If... If I may ask, where am I, an-and who are you...?” He tilted his head before gasped in realization.

“Ah, yeah, I forgot to introduce myself...”

“No shit sherlock.” She mumbled with a voice barely audible.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing.” She answers quickly. “Your name?” She said to distract him.

“Hm...? Oh, I’m Will Blandford, and you are in my mansion, how about you, lady...”

She blinks for a few times before she realizes that he is asking for her name.

“I’m Emma Aerwyna...”

“You have a lovely name...” He said while smiling.

She smiled a fake of a smile, while rolling her eyes inside. Yeah, well, flattery won’t get you anywhere mister she thought. She looked around once again saw a window, mustering up her (near nonexistent) strength she put down her feet, determined to see the scenery outside.

She stands up then steadied herself, after she regain her balance, she walk, just to wince and fall to the bed once again. Will looked worried and was about to help her but stopped when she raised her hand, asking him silently that she could do it herself and she didn’t need his help.

She rub her face in annoyance, then she started to stand up again. This time she manage to walk, albeit a little bit limp, but she would get used to it (she belatedly wonder what makes her experience such pain, but then again, she just fall from a cliff, so...) She walk toward the nearest window, and took a peek at the outside world. She nearly chocked at what she saw, slowly, she turn around to face Will.

“Um... Mister Will, if I may ask... What date is today...?”

“August seventeen.” She passed out at august fifteen, which means that two days has passed. She shook her head, but it’s not what she wanted to know.

“Year...?” She asked.

“Hm? Ah, it’s 1614, why are you asking?” Today is August Seventeen 1614, while she passed out at August Fifteen 2014. Realization hit her like a ton of brick, she just travel through time. And in the end, after a few moment of silence, she laughed.

Will just gave her a confused and concerned look, Emma almost pitied him for having to deal with her. But try as she might, it’s hard for her to stop laughing. Though it’s probably because, if she didn’t laugh it out, she’ll cry instead.

She just traveled through time! She laughed louder, bordering on hysterical


She passed out.

After the incident where she passed out Mister Will won’t let her step out from her bed before he’s completely sure that she has recover. And to be honest, Emma is still on her confused state of mind.

She travel through time, she goes 400 years back to the past, the world must be laughing at her right now. She didn’t believe it at first, but it was already proven from how there’s no cell phone (she nearly pulled all of her hair from frustration when she can’t find any charger for her phone), and how the citizen wears those heavy gown and dresses (she still couldn’t fathom the fact that women from the past wear those abominable thing called corset)

Her days in this time are (much to her surprise) full of happiness. Mister Will help her goes through everything she’s struggling to do, he’s nice to her, and even when she told him that she’s from the future, he didn’t immediately judge her as a lunatic on the loose.

True that he didn’t trust her at first, but when she show her Magical-Shining-Thingy (in other word, cell phone) he trust her wholeheartedly and asked her many things about future in exchange for him providing her a place to live.

Her lip twitch upwards when she remember his reaction to her cell phone, it’s honestly hilarious, she sighed. Sometimes it both exasperated and frustrating her at how Will always seems to affected her. Then again, she found herself didn’t mind.

There were only about six times in her godforsaken life where Emma wished she wasn’t alive. One time was when she first entered elementary school and didn’t have any friend, second was in middle school, being isolated everyday by everyone wasn’t exactly ideal, you know? Third was when she had her first menstruation.

Fourth time was when Sarah was introduced to her and somehow become her older sister figure, and barely surviving the torturous and brutal methods Sarah was inclined to use on her. Until this day, the raven still had nightmares about this and that, and not to mention those. Gah, the nightmares... Anyway, fifth time was when Emma... Let say, goes 400 years back to the past.

Well, that’s a story in itself, and unimportant in comparison with the current situation, so she’ll leave that out for the time being. Now, the sixth time was now. Ok so maybe, she was being unreasonable and emo-ish ’coz if she summed it all up, Emma was practically wishing she wasn’t alive every single day. But this, whatever this was, was definitely taking the cake!

“I am not. Going to wear that!” She said indignantly.

“But My Lady! You have to wear it, it’s only proper for a lady to wear this!” The maid are stubborn, but so is she.

“Ha! I’m not against those dresses, what I’m against is that fucking—” She ignored the maid’s ‘My Lady!’ “corset!”

“What’s going on?” A voice said right behind her. She turn around and met with Will’s confused face, he raised an eyebrow in a questioning manners at her, which she answer with a huff and silent. He sighed and decided to ask the maid. “So?”

“My Lord, Lady Emma—” the said girl cringe at the given honorific. “—refused to wear the gown that you have provided...”

“I’m not! I just... Really hate the corset, that thing could seriously kill someone.” She said with a serious expression.

Will chuckled humorously. “If you wear it, I’ll show you my book collection.”

Now, if you know Emma, you would knew that she had an insatiable appetite for books, and her thirst of knowledge, so when she heard about Will’s book collection, she seriously contemplating about it for a few second before sighing in defeated manners.

“Fine! You better keep your words.” She said a little bit sulking (which she will never admit.)

Will beams at her, radiant in the sheer joy that that single expression contains, and Emma’s eyes widen.

Emma took a glance at Will who is talking to one of his servant, and as if he knew she was looking, he glanced at her and smiled, Emma look away. She couldn’t help it, lately she would feel weird whenever she’s with Will and she didn’t know why.

Often she would looks at this brilliant, compassionate man who treats her like a friend despite their age (she’s sixteen and he’s twenty three) differences and polar opposite backgrounds, who makes Emma smile with exasperating fondness more often than not, who is far closer to Emma these days than anyone else has ever gotten in a long, long time.

Who, if Emma was smarter, should never have been allowed to get as close as he has because-

Because watching Will now, it somehow makes her chest tighten and her heart do that ludicrous stutter-flip-flop-stop-restart thing—like a freaking teenage girl—that Emma recognizes only after a few seconds of baffled contemplation, and with no small amount of dread pooling in her gut, all she can think of is, oh fuck.

There are so many problems that come with this new development that Emma doesn’t even know where to begin. This is a disaster of the highest order, and she bundles that disaster into a corner of her heart as quickly and mercilessly as possible, not letting her mind dwell on it for even a second. She refuses to even put a name to it.

It’s a passing fancy, Emma assures herself scathingly as they set out towards where Will first found her to found out a way for her to go back. Will is kind and has an interesting personality, not to mention he’s not so bad-looking either. It’s only natural that you’d notice him.

It is a passing fancy, and it means nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

“She’s my fiancée.” Will said suddenly while showing her a crimson haired beauty that was sitting on one of the sofa in the mansion’s living room.

Ignorant and perfectly unaware of the ice bucket that he throw over her heart while she silently cried inside. Emma couldn’t help but to look at the woman whose beauty couldn’t be compared, as the woman took notice of them.

Gracefully, she stood from her seat, completely ignoring the admiring looks thrown her way. Her crimson tresses went down her waist in waves as she walked towards them.

Donned in a long-sleeved, golden and white expensive gown, the woman commanded attention, and she knew it.

With skin flushed pretty pink, defined jaw, luscious red lips, almond-shaped eyes highlighted by her enviously long eye lashes and meticulously trimmed eyebrows; she was very easy on the eyes.

Her curvaceous body did wonders to the imagination, and her tall physique made her stand out, that once she stepped inside a room, she was immediately the center of all the occupants’ envy and lust.

Simply put, she was the perfect woman, modeled by the gods themselves. She smiled softly at her and Will, and Emma heart shatter to a million pieces. She didn’t stand a chance and she know it, but what hurt her the most is not that, but the fact that even her mind supplies that... They look good together.

Emma hates her.

She hates Elle Hemsley because she can’t hate her, Elle is everything that she is not, everything that she wanted to be. Elle is beautiful while she is average, Elle’s a noble princess while she is an ordinary person (discounting the fact that she time travel), and most of all, Elle is Will fiancée while she is no one.

It hurts.

Because even though she wanted to hates her so badly, she can’t. Because it isn’t in her nature to do so, that and the fact that Elle is kind to her and somehow had became... Her friend. They got along pretty well and she can’t ruin that.

She just can’t.

Her heart throb when she sees Will talking to Elle with a genuine smile on his face, and she looked away. It’s been three days since the day she was introduced to Elle and in those past three days, they get to know each other and manage to understand each other better.

That’s why, instead of hating Elle, she ended up hating herself, she sighed. Before she know it, Elle is already beside her, she only realize it when she clear her throat.

“May I sit here...?” She said softly while gesturing to an empty seat beside her, Emma nod and Elle smile once again.

“Say... Miss Elle, how did you and Mister Will first met?” Emma asked.

Elle looked a little bit surprised, but she smile. “Ah, our parents are good friends, we met each other as a child and became friend. Our engagement was decided even before we were born.” Emma hum and couldn’t help but ask.

“Say, do you... Love him?” She regret it the moment she asked the question, but whatever happen, happens.

Elle looked confused for a second before her face soften. “Love... I couldn’t say that I did, we... Will has been very good to me even before we know that we are engage to each other. I... I am very fond of him.” Emma looked away. “How about you?” Emma jumped in surprise.


Elle smiled an innocent smile. “How about you Lady Emma? What do you think of Lord Will?” She can’t answer that, so instead of answering, she kept silent. “Oh? What’s this?” Elle chuckled, edging closer to her, and patted Emma on the shoulder. “Quiet? Or perhaps you have a feeling for Will?” She said, completely forgotting the use of honorifics.

“Stop that, will you? Don’t say such things when you don’t know anything.” The raven-haired girl shoved the arm away and made way to another nearest sofa. However, halfway she paused when Elle continued to speak.

“I take it that you have feelings for my fiancée? I thought you were better than this, Emma. I never knew you as the type to shy away from things. Just say it and get it over with. I’m certain the results will be exactly what you want or desire in a sense. You were never the type to give up or fail.” Elle snickered.

It was like she was making fun of her, and yet wasn’t. It was clear to Emma that those words were fond in nature and was an effort to push her along. But she can’t do that, aside from the reason that Will is Elle fiancée and Elle is her friend, she is also a person of a different time, and if she... Confessed, and her feelings were returned.

She would just ended up hurting Will instead.

And she can’t do that to him.

So she looked at Elle and flashed her a fake smile, and even though she knew that Elle could see through it. Even if it hurts her.

She lied.

Three days later, while walking down the stairs, Emma was hit by a sudden bout of coughing, then it stopped. She took a deep breath and shakily took a step down again, just when she reached downstairs she was hit with another coughing spell that wouldn’t stop. She kept on coughing until she couldn’t breath and she feels dizzy, the next thing she know she was already on the ground with both Will and Elle on her side.

She couldn’t help but notice the blood on her hand and the concerned look on Will’s face, she smiled at them, trying to reassure them that she was fine. But before she could do it, she cough again and felt a wet coppery feeling in her mouth, she rolled to her side and spit it out. She sees red, she could hear Elle’s whimper at the sight of it and Will’s frozen, pale form.

Well, at least she tried.

Weeks have passed by, and gradually she’s getting sicker and sicker. She don’t know why but, her very being is hurting like hell and she feels like curling up on her bed and never came out. The worst was yesterday, when she began to puke out buckets of blood and nearly makes Will have a heart attack and making her have to be in bed until now.

She didn’t know why is this happening to her, but, she have a thought that maybe, maybe, it’s because she’s not from this time that the world reject her, that’s why she’s getting sicker and weaker. This thought scares her greatly, because if so then sooner or later, she’ll...


Unless they found a way for her to go back, which is useless because the place Will showed her yesterday is scary and the thing she need to do is impossible for her. He found her on the river right below a cliff, luckily, his house are near and he was nearby at that time and saw something on the river bank.

he suggest to her that, since she travel through time because she fall from a cliff, then she probably, probably (Note restatement, italic, and bold) could go back to the future if—and that’s an if of epically colossal proportions—she jump off the cliff once again (something she quickly reject.)

She looked at a sofa on her right, seeing Will took a nap with relaxed expression on his face. To be completely honest, this past few days has been very difficult for her, because the so called passing fancy didn’t gone just like she expected it to be.


Instead, it’s getting worst, she tried to suppressed the feeling tried to crush it, but it wouldn’t leave, yet she have to kill this feeling, after all, he already had a fiancée, and she is nothing compared to her whose looks and skill are all above her. Sometimes she would ask.

Why... Did it come to this? Why doesn’t he love me? Why isn’t he a man of the future? Why am I from the future? Why have I been carrying these useless feelings with me?

Why? Why? Why?

She had denied it, she was furious about it, she had bargained and bribed, she had tried to fucking block it all out—anything to end her suffering! But she can’t throw it out, she can’t end her suffering.

She whimpers when she feels her chest tightened and suddenly, she couldn’t breathe, she cough multiple time, her chest hurts so much that she curled up to herself, she didn’t realize it, but Will is there, right beside her trying to calm her down. He holds her hands tightly, and stays on that position until she calms down and fall asleep.

The next time Emma woke up, it was already midnight, she don’t know why, but she knew that it’s time for her to go back home. She stands up and walks outside, to the cliff that Will brought her to a few days ago. She walk to the edge, just before she jumps, she heard a sound and turn around to find Will. His appearance is ragged and it appears like he is running all the way to this place, he calmed his breath before looking at her straight in the eyes.

“Where are you going?” She smiled at him.

“I’m going home...” She said softly.

“Do you have to?” Will asked with desperation in his tone.

Emma only nod, she looked at him one more time, she couldn’t help it, but even with his ragged appearance she still finds him handsome, she chuckles lightly. “You know, Will... I like you...” Will froze on his place. “I know that you didn’t feel the same but, I’m going back now, and I just wanted to say that... I love you...” She smiled, and then she let herself falls down.

She fell and felt the darkness lulled her to sleep when she feels more than hears the words,

Love you too,

Emma smiled.

Emma comes back to her own time, turns out she’s only gone missing for a few minutes that she sometimes thought that what happens is just a dream, but she won’t forget about what happens that easily, after all the prove of whether it was true or not was seen on what she wear the day she came back (she feels really embarrassed when she realizes that she wears a sleeping gown.)

Today is a good day. She decided when walking to her home, three days has passed since the time traveling and her life has come back to it’s normal, dull, and boring state. Deeply engrossed in her mind she almost bumped into a person who walk passed her in a hurried state, accidentally dropping his wallet in the process, Emma took it and chase after the guy.

“Hey!” The person didn’t stop, so instead of calling, she run faster and finally manage to catch up, she calm her breath. “Y-you dropped your wallet.” She said with ragged breath and gives the wallet to the person.

“Oh, thank you...” The person said with warm gratitude in his tone. His voice is familiar though... Emma looked up and saw a pair of gentle amber eyes, her eyes widen for a few second. “I’m Alex, what’s your name?”

“… I’m Emma.” Well, looks like she could still have her happy ending after all.


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